Barefoot Doctor's Anxiety Busting System

Barefoot Doctor's Anxiety Busting System


Tackle the toxic habit of anxiety, so you’re no longer pumping addictive, damaging cortisol (the fight/flight hormone) into your system. 

Intervene and adjust your inner mechanisms, so you're no longer at the mercy of anxiety.

Feel more confident in facing your challenges, knowing that you can handle whatever happens.

Get more from life, without fear, anxiety or panic attacks wasting your time, depleting your energy and holding you back. 


Anxiety is not a disease. 

Anxiety merely describes a set of psycho-physical reactions you generate yourself. 

And you do so unconsciously, without cognition, and hence compulsively. 

My Anxiety Busting System teaches you the mechanism and how and where to intervene, so you can take command – you learn a system so you can always 

relax your solar plexus;

release your breath;

remove the tension in your neck, forehead, forearms, thorax and pelvic region;

revisit the story lines you’re concocting;

release the contraction in your kidneys and adrenals;

and counteract the cortisol rush.


Anxiety is just a habit – you can break it.

Probably the simplest & most effective antidote in the world to anxiety & panic attacks.

Anxiety is not compulsory, necessary or obligatory.

– it’s a process, but if it’s habitual, or panic attacks are becoming your default position, it’s time to address how you manifest anxiety in the mind - before you get to crisis point.

My revolutionary, sensational ABS – advanced breaking system for anxiety and panic attacks – is a simple, yet profoundly efficacious 16 step protocol to implement whenever anxiety or panic attacks strike, and make sense of your fear, so you can use it to your advantage.

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