Barefoot Doctor's Last Longo Qigongo

Barefoot Doctor's Last Longo Qigongo


Taoist Internal Alchemy & beyond to activate an immortal spirit body & ride the back of destiny

Take your QIGONG…AND YOUR LIFE to the next level with this in-depth internal alchemy training. 

Learn how to MOVE THE CHI through a series of subtle energy-pathways to create a psycho-energetic sheath and sturdy vehicle to house, carry and protect your true self – the immortal spirit body.

Enhances your manifesting skills.

Develops your immortal spirit body.

 Stops you being a people pleaser.

 Confers perspective.

14 fun, easy to follow videos

Just having the chi course through your system each day via the eight ‘spirit body’ energy pathways keeps you at optimal levels of health in mind, body, and in your dealings with all others.

Last Longo teaches you how to do this.

And much more.


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