Barefoot Doctor's Qigongo

Barefoot Doctor's Qigongo


Once you start, unless you're extremely contrary and strong willed to your detriment, you're so swiftly hooked you can't actually imagine how you could possibly function without it. 

Of course you can but only as a regular human – it's the superhuman (for want of a better word) dimension the practice affords you that's hard to do without once you're hooked. 

Not to mention the remarkable increase of ease and vivacity of your joints and muscles and general comfort in your skin, as well as all the aforementioned boons. 

Qigong – What exactly is it? (pronounced chi) to spell key – means literally breath. 

However, it alludes to something far more complex than we normally think of as breath.

It means the power of all the motion of the universe, the breath of the cosmos. 

Gong means work or intervention. 

Love and honor yourself and the miracle of your existence each and every day with this easy and quick to learn, fun to follow, unique and positively addictive, in-depth daily qigong system drawn from all four Taoist martial arts.

Boosts your health, longevity, stamina  Improves muscle tone, organ function, musculo-skeletal function, brain function.

Qigongo is my nick name for the daily qigong training I do every day of my life without fail, as the bedrock of my health, sanity, and stamina – because it's QIGONG and it gives you GO, pulls you out of the most slammed states, is perfect for dissolving hangovers of all sorts, increases your positivity no end, makes you look and feel more and more trim and youthful the older you get, and serves as the perfect milieu in which to viscerally experience, enjoy and take full benefit from all the inner game methods I share with you – 

Moving into and from your back, sinking your weight, and all the principles and devices contained in the SUPERHEALING, PSYCHOLOGY OF FEAR, AND INNER ALCHEMY (School for Warriors) trainings and in the satsangs. QIGONGO brings it all alive like nothing else. 

Start the day with QIGONGO and you can't go wrongo, and this is not said for the sake of rhyme alone. 

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