Barefoot Doctor's School for Warriors 2

Barefoot Doctor's School for Warriors 2


School for Warriors – Transformational Training is the Barefoot Doctor’s bestselling multimedia home training program that trains you to awaken your full potential. In it you’ll find a time-tested system of tools, exercises and insights that hundreds of people – including CEOs, athletes, artists, holistic health and medical professionals – use to realize their peak potential every day.


This is Internal Kung Fu for Eternal Life

With Just 6 Minutes’ Practice A Day, You Could Have The Answer To Soaring Success In Your Career & Personal Life, Unshakable Health & Happiness, And A Life Awakened To Your Purpose
Unleash your hidden power and potential with the Barefoot Doctor’s prescription for total life success – Taoist internal technology and life-mastery skills – an ancient system fully streamlined for the contemporary ‘warrior’, a time tested and proven self- empowerment program. Streamlined over 40 years of practice and teaching, School for Warriors – Transformational Training now has over 1000 graduates. Scientists, doctors, captains of industry, artists, musicians, DJs, CEOs and Entrepreneurs have all used School For Warriors – Transformational Training to experience a life beyond ordinary. Why settle for incremental personal growth when you can experience full-blown exponential personal evolution? If you’re like most people who use meditation, visualization or manifestation techniques, your goal is simple: you want to overcome your personal barriers. You want to give back and realize your highest potential. And you know that across the world, more and more people like you are waking up to a more conscious lifestyle. 

You will

overcome unwanted habits and beliefs
shift your career, personal life, relationships andhealth
transform the way people around you treat you, and
positively influence the lives of the people you love.

School for Warriors – Transformational Training is like working with a personal trainer, showing you exactly how your mind works, how your body works, and how to take command of different muscle groups and aspects of mind to get the results you want – except rather than it being strenuous, you’ll be doing gentle, easy exercises to focus your mind and expand your consciousness, as well as tone and benefit your body.

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