Barefoot Doctor's Self Love training

Barefoot Doctor's Self Love training


If you’re really ready to tackle your negative programming and thinking and stop the self-limiting patterns of behavior, then I’ll teach you how in this intensive three-week training.

This training guides you through the clearing process in the fastest, simplest, most beneficial and enjoyable way.

This is the Taoist take on self-love.

Nullify the shame and self-disdain and claim your rightful and natural state of self-love in 20 days.

Optimum life force requires optimum energy.

Negative thinking, self-hatred, shame and guilt block your optimum flow.

This intensive three week training on self love will help you to overcome negative programming and break self-limiting patterns of thought and behaviour, gifting you direct access to the full enjoyment of the adventure of life, more fulfilling relationships and the freedom to be who you really are. 

Self-love is the natural state – and it’s your birthright. 

Self-love expresses itself, or rather you express self-love by the way you speak to yourself internally, the way you conduct your internal narrative.

Lack of self-love is exactly what’s been causing you the pain, anxiety and stress, leaving you feeling lost and directionless.

Leave it to fester, and negative energy will simply build and build, until you clear it away. 

As a rule of thumb, if you’re not more or less totally satisfied with who you perceive yourself to be, and how you perceive your life to be going, and aren’t accessing exhilaration simply by being alive in your body and enjoying the human experience – the natural state when you’re not running interference on your mind – then there’s training to be done.

Most people feel victims of their own minds – people are actually afraid of their own minds – RD Laing called this ‘psychophobia’. 

When you’re using the equipment properly you don’t run interference on yourself, you stop buying into the stories of others, or looking to others for direction to gauge yourself against, and you roll from your all-knowing core-self instead.

This is one way of explaining self-love.

No obligation to conform to or obey the dictates of a delusion;

The value you’d derive from this one-off relatively rapid ride called life, this greatest of all possible gifts, once you’d gained command over your own mental processes and stopped running interference on yourself -

feeling magnificent all the time. 

There is a way.

 All it takes is courage, gumption, and technique.

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