Barefoot Doctor's SingSongo Qigongo Training

Barefoot Doctor's SingSongo Qigongo Training


Over the course of 12 practical, yet thoroughly fun video lessons, you’ll learn and master: 

projection skill; musicality & suppleness; tone & flexibility'; cadence & tempo; resonance'; muscularity & toning.

Find your true voice – express your true self – with this totally unique, practical & fun vocal training

When you find and speak with your true voice, you speak the truth and people feel it
– your voice is the primary tool of your personality – it’s the instrument through which you play the tune of whatever you’re communicating. 

Know how to play it well and your confidence in communicating your needs, wishes, desires and intentions to others increases enormously.

Know how to play it well and the effect of the sound of your voice can be an instrument of healing in itself.

Those are the immediately-obvious-to-behold benefits. 

The more discreet and even more profound benefits are the effects using your voice properly like this has on your health, your breathing, your state of mind and probably most importantly on your own internal dialogue with yourself – once your mind gets used to hearing your voice in beautiful mode it starts mimicking that internally causing you to speak to yourself far more respectfully.

And remember it’s the quality of the internal dialogue that completely determines your levels of mental health and the choices you make, which determine the steps you take and so shape your life’s adventure.

SINGSONGO QIGONGO combines in-depth vocal training with a powerful base of qigong to root your voice at the very depths of your body and soul.

You learn how to generate sound as if drawing it up from the Earth’s core – and that’s what makes it totally unique and efficacious.

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