Barefoot Doctor's Sonic Healing Training

Barefoot Doctor's Sonic Healing Training


Sound is one of the earliest energy healing practices

Stress levels rising? Nerves jangling? Feeling out of sorts or over emotional?

Everything is energy

Even as you read the words on this page, an incredible ecosystem of energy is flowing through and around you. When energy takes form, it starts as sound. So primarily you are made of sound and as sonic frequencies pass through your system, they create a range of effects.

You associate particular sounds - like waves lapping on the shore - with feelings of peace, connection and bliss. Whereas sounds like chalk on a blackboard or screeching sirens can leave you feeling edgy, disassociated, jarred.

And at this time of global awakening, of shifts in global consciousness, the energy ecosystem is more directly influencing your emotions and desires, and can have a profound effect on your life.

So the question to ask yourself is…..

Is your personal energetic ecosystem
working the way it should?

And, importantly, do you know how to influence it? To uplift and empower any aspect of your life quickly, easily and pleasurably?

My sonic healing cycle is a means to reprogram your circuitry at a radical level through frequency and tempo, to encourage healing, the state of wholeness and completion (as opposed to the more fragmented, split-off way we tend to use our consciousness), and while the music element is entertaining and relatively complex, there's no actual need to get involved with it at that entertainment level if you don't fancy.

Focus on healing the center behind the breastbone, whence issues your love and beauty.

Want to become more consciously aware or improve your intuitive? Connect with the mid-brain, from whence your divine consciousness issues.

Stimulating and balancing your tan tiens is the essence of energy healing and one of the most powerful and pleasurable ways to heal is using sound - sonic healing.

Sound resets your system at the deepest level, the soul level, after which all the more relatively superficial physical systems reset themselves and symptoms resolve - particularly mental disharmony and emotional upset.

Sonic healing happens through your tan tiens - the focal points of your life force, or prana – centres for your holistic well-being. When your tan tiens are each in balance, you are in balance. When one or more are out of balance, you can face challenges, not just with health, but in your relationships, finances, career and sex life.

Sonic healing strengthens, harmonises and re-balances your tan tiens to help heal many different areas of your life and get you back in flow. And when you’re balanced and in flow you become like those people who seem to possess the keys to everything they ever want in life.

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