Barefoot Doctor's Stand Strongo Qigongo Training

Barefoot Doctor's Stand Strongo Qigongo Training


QIGONGO Is a daily practice of rare dynamic strength qigong that ensures optimal strength fitness, tone, flexibility, suppleness, staying power, youthfulness, healing, center, poise, grace, longevity, and overall brilliance with the minimum of daily input.

Up your standing in the world-STAND STRONGO QIGONGO.


Learn to stand still and upright in qigong and you’re able to (literally) withstand all the pressures of life, including all the pressure you put on yourself and you’re able (literally) to understand every situation and you (literally) up your standing in life because standing qigong is magic. 

It’s also incredibly powerful exercise. 

It’s paradoxical because ostensibly you’re not doing anything – just standing there. 

But in fact standing there like that is a real challenge that requires full concentration and awareness. 

And though on the surface of things you’d think it the easiest aspect of qigong to learn because all you do is stand there, it’s actually the most difficult, though simple to follow, and requires the most focus and the effect is the most powerful and hence it’s the most advanced level of qigong practice this side of the actual internal alchemical aspect (which comes next after this).

STANDSTRONGO QIGONGO Develops super-strength, yet is also ideal if your movement is impaired and you can’t do QIGONGO or WAY STRONGO QIGONGO 

The STAND STRONGO QIGONGO training consists of 13 standing postures held from between approximately 3 and 18 minutes while deploying a combination of alternating dynamic and passive strength, and varying depth of leg-bend to induce a variety of deepened states of meditation, with me jollying you along with instruction and encouragement so you don’t get bored or give up.

You go at your own pace in terms of how much you bend, and how much dynamic strength you deploy and even how long you stand for, though it's recommended you stay with the pace on that when possible for maximum effect.

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