Barefoot Doctor's Superhealing Training

Barefoot Doctor's Superhealing Training


Focused intention is a force as real as steel – it has to be genuine. 
Once the intention is set in motion, the healing will follow. 
My intention in doing this, naturally, is to heal you.

Heal yourself, get the basis for healing others and be healed by the Master.

Superhealing, developed from 50 years of work in the healing field. 

To get to the point where you can present a schema, a template that anyone can use no matter whether you’ve had experience of healing before or not, that will provide you the whole picture of how healing works - according to the incredibly brilliant Taoist system - in an incredibly succinct and relatively short space of time, is what I’ve been aiming for for all that time. 

Healing’s amazing - everybody needs healing.

IThis Superhealing training enables you to heal yourself and subsequently others from the most profound level, the level of the soul.

I call it Superhealing partly in irony - the hyperbolic world we live in (supercars, superstars, supercasinos) - it seemed funny to call something as profound as healing ‘superhealing’ but also because ‘super’ from Latin means ‘above’ as in ‘meta’, like metaphysics. This is the template that sits above all the mundane. It’s the one that gives you the knowledge, the power, the understanding to intervene at an autonomic level in your own system and then in others’. Traditionally to learn how to heal other people, the way I was taught, you had to practice on yourself. In acupuncture for example, you had to needle yourself 1008 times before you’re able to go on to needling another. 

Healing others is a natural consequence of learning to heal yourself. 
Ultimately, from a transcendental, transpersonal point of view, there is no difference between self and other.

The ancient Greek word ‘psyche’ means soul – hence ‘psychic’, the business of the soul, the deepest part of you the primordial self, the original self - so what this is, is psychic healing. 

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