Barefoot Doctor's Tai Chi Short Form Training

Barefoot Doctor's Tai Chi Short Form Training


Five full length in-depth Tai Chi Yang Style Short Form lessons – including close ups of postures, commentary, how to link each posture, repeated slowly to help you follow and learn

So You Can Feel More Chi, Stay Healthy & Supple, Enhance Your Sense of Joy &  Enter The Supreme Ultimate State.

Millions of people across the world practice Tai Chi for its proven health and fitness benefits –

and because it enables them to experience the enlightened, transcendent state every day,

Amazing things you’ll experience when you practice Tai Chi:

Deep Relaxation, however tough life gets

Better health, balance & suppleness

More energy & zest for life

Lose unhealthy habits & states of mind

Tai Chi helps you activate a greater connection with your body which in turn means you start to lose unhealthy habits and banish unhealthy states of mind more easily.

Free-flowing inspiration & creativity to solve challenges & shine.

Tai Chi helps you gain balance in all areas of your life

Greater perspective and purpose.

I teach you how to put all the moves into sequence and do the actual short form in this magnificently filmed and produced training.

In depth introduction – including how to stand, and which direction to face.

Tai Chi Short Form in full – with full explanatory commentary.

Tai Chi Short Form in silence – watch and follow.

Tai Chi Short Form – back view – making it even easier to follow the teaching.

Tai Chi Short Form audio – for when you’re ready to turn off the video and practice. PLUS In depth explanations of:

Principles of Tai Chi;

Benefits of Practicing Tai Chi;

Tai Chi & Life Force;

Tai Chi & the Cave of Original Spirit;

Tai Chi – Meditation in Action;

I take you through a move or a part of the short form, you follow, listen, relax and copy the movements. 

I talk you through it slowly and repeat it enough times for you to get it. 

Learn at your own pace – repeat as often as you need to – you’ll have lifetime access to the training. 

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