Barefoot Doctor's Tai Chi Warm Up

Barefoot Doctor's Tai Chi Warm Up


Chi is psycho-active energy. It flows through the body in meridians (channels). 


Taoism is all about referencing your experience of being who you are moment by moment to what’s going on in your body, rather than what’s going on in your thoughts. 


Tai Chi helps you activate a greater connection with your body, which in turn means you start to lose unhealthy habits and banish unhealthy states of mind more easily.


People who practice Tai Chi tend to find inspiration comes easily for creative projects and problem solving. Ideas and answers appear out of thin air so we perform better and get more done –Tai Chi helps us shine in all our endeavors.

For health, wealth, longevity, serenity, beauty and happiness.

This easy to follow workout will hone you to the bone and prepare you for the rare view of learning the postures in the Revolutionary Tai Chi Moves and Short Form trainings.

Eight amazing things you’ll experience when you practice Tai Ch:

1 Deep Relaxation, however tough life gets - Tai Chi relaxes your muscles and organs and de-clutters your mind. 

2 Better health, balance & suppleness -
even Western doctors acknowledge the health benefits of Tai Chi.

3 Lose unhealthy habits & states of mind -

4 Free-flowing inspiration & creativity to solve challenges & shine.

5 A deeper connection with the people around you 

6 A more exciting, fulfilling love life 

7 A magnetic attraction to wealth and success -
Tai Chi helps you gain balance in all areas of your life

8 Greater perspective and purpose.

Tai Chi improves your cardiovascular, respiratory and lymphatic functions – in fact all your systems benefit from the gentle, flowing movements. Your balance increases and you’re better able to alleviate pain and illness quickly;

When it’s flowing freely you feel happy, strong, confident, and balanced. When it’s constricted you feel ill, depressed, tired and nothing works in life. Tai Chi helps you to keep your energy flowing freely so you’re filled with zest for life, ready and raring to go on each next stage of your life’s adventure

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