Barefoot Doctor's The Way Training

Barefoot Doctor's The Way Training



– the Tao of existential (mental) health and hygiene -


a succinct, relaxed, informal 8 part online course in regaining command of the vehicle for optimum operation.


Everyone needs it – we're all inmates in this global asylum.

Learn and own the most, and possibly only, ultimately effective method for attaining and maintaining true sanity – contentment in every moment, clarity at every turn, deep psycho-emotional confidence and stability every step of the way.

It's easy, it's straightforward, it's airyfairy/mumbojumbo-free –

 this is the main gift and whole point of Taoist practice – 

learning how to be in command of your own mind, rather than vice versa, 

how to order your thought processes (without becoming robotic), 

how to feel and be at one with humanity and the world around, 

how to know and honor your unique way, along with all quirks and peccadilloes and in short make your madness work for you.

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