Barefoot Doctor's Way Strongo Qigongo

Barefoot Doctor's Way Strongo Qigongo


Way Strongo Qigongo will propel you quantum into such a profoundly altered state of fresh super-power for want of a less Hollywood expression you’ll hardly recognize yourself in the bathroom mirror. 

Imagine spending 90 minutes getting high and finding yourself twice as fit and healthy the next day….

When a Taoist wants to get superfit for summer the Taoist doesn’t sweat,
the Taoist doesn’t strain, 
the Taoist doesn’t do anything to make a blood vessel bulge;
a Taoist doesn’t get out of breath, 
a Taoist hardly raises a pulse rate;
A Taoist doesn’t wear Lycra or go peddling in a slave galley or gym.

But how does a Taoist do that you may ask? 

How does a Taoist spend just 90 minutes getting really high, without expending any energy to talk of;

enjoying each of the 90 minutes more than the one before; having great personal fun, in full communication mode with the playful loving, nature of the cosmic presence;

feeling totally restored;

then almost as if nothing happened, aside from a resounding sensation of a big beautiful bird after a pleasant migratory flight with no headwind and a helpful tailwind all the way;

soak after in a hot Epsom salt bath, and the very next day look and feel twice as toned and supple, agile and lithe as that Taoist did even just the day before? 

The simple answer to that mystery is that Taoist does something we in the contemporary West call 

 a megablaster workout that makes you superfit superfast

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