Barefoot Doctor's Xing Yi The Five Elements Training

Barefoot Doctor's Xing Yi The Five Elements Training


Boost your balance & physical sturdiness.


Set your intention, project your power, bypass any obstacle
Taoist internal martial arts lie at the heart of all Taoist practice – moving meditations to focus the mind within the body along optimal lines

Xing Yi  (pronounced Shing Yee) – like Tai Chi & Pa Kua – is one of those internal martial arts.

 Tai Chi teaches you how to roll this way or that, yielding to life’s pressure without being pressed upon.

Pa Kua teaches you the power of circles and the ability to constantly get behind a situation hence always in command.

Xing Yi teaches you to project your power towards your goal and bypass any obstacle as if passing right through it – like walking through walls.

I teach Xing Yi (exactly how I do it myself every day) in a series of trainings:

The five elements form – 

five distinct fighting forms each relating to a different element – metal, water, wood, fire and earth – these are the five main martial arts moves required to stay safe in a fight and extrapolated into everyday life to keep you covered from all sides.

The twelve animal forms – 

helping you develop the fighting advantage of each animal and imbue you with the spirit of the animal in a totemic way which is incredibly helpful when you need a bit of extra push in a situation.

Without intention you’re a rudderless boat in a choppy sea.

It doesn’t matter what stage of life you’re at, nor how much or little you’ve achieved even, to negotiate yourself round the morning bathroom rituals requires both intention and power, let alone propelling yourself along.

Xing Yi – Part 1 The 5 Elements Form can be used on its own or as part of the Xing Yi long form to:

improve your coordination & dexterity; 

boost your balance & physical sturdiness; 

tone your muscles & increase suppleness; 

increase your agility, grace & elegance; 

boost your chi & generate more powerful energy flow; 

and increase your general sense of wellbeing, confidence in your body & self-worth; 

….all of which is what lends power to your intention – 

so above all your intention will become increasingly well-focused & powerful & your ability to make a beeline for something & not be deterred or waylaid en route will increase a hundredfold.


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