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Lost the ancient art of EASE?


Ease is the opposite of stress. Or more precisely of excess stress – if you had no stress at all, you’d be but a puddle on the floor and would find that far more stressful than mere adrenal fatigue, so always honor the necessary quota of stress. The state of ease is what you see watching a superb martial artist, or musician, or public speaker – ease in action, whether the action comprises thought, word, deed, or all. And that’s why this training is called E.A.S.E – enjoy alleviating stress effectively – because rather than focus on dispelling a negative, it’s far more effective to focus on the positive outcome you want to result from dispelling the negative. It keeps your eye on the goal rather than on what’s already past and can’t be changed anyway. Stress is neither an illness or disease.

  • The Ultimate Anti-Stress Device

    Lost the ancient art of EASE?

    Experiencing excess tension in your body and stress in your mind? Feeling triggered by work, relationships, health or your financial situation? Want to run away from it all? Reclaim your pace & direction, regain control of your reactions & reduce your level of stress to minimum optimum levels with Barefoot Doctor’s revolutionary, sensational E.A.S.E. TRAINING – the failsafe, all-terrain, all-weather antidote to stress. It is actually possible to live a life of ease. Yes, even in the midst of the burgeoning insanity we call the world, even with the information load increasing exponentially, and even with every other stress-increasing factor proliferating by the second, it is possible to live a life of ease, while performing at optimal levels in all tasks and obligations and acquitting yourself with increasing aplomb as a result.

    Contrary to the backward thinking of modern medicine stress is neither an illness or disease.

    Stress is a sign you’re alive. The force of existence is ferocious. We each only exist because we resist that force, effectively enough to hold our shape for a brief moment in time. When one phenomenon resists another, it places stress on each. Eventually the stronger of the two will overcome the other – in this case the force of existence eventually overcomes us and we depart these shores once and for all. This is the natural order of things. We require tension for growth and progress. In mundane terms, we require tension in order to feel release. Without these dynamics life would be ineffably dull and no growth or progress would occur. But that’s hypothetical because, we will always feel that intrinsic tension from resisting in order to go on existing.

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