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Session 1
Schema & Stratagems


Taoist methodology

How the mind moves energy, how the energy moves the body, how that affects how others are with you.

The symbiotic relationship of the complex of experience to the background presence, the sub-atomic realm, the Tao

By learning to flow with the Tao, the Great Way, you’re also able to influence it – inserting an intention for an outcome – Wu Wei.


What Is Fear?
Real fear
being physically hurt
loud noise (indicates danger,shocks you, damages the body)
fear of the unknown
fear of death – underscores all other fears, fear of oblivion/the void, the Tao
we are ultimately afraid of the Tao.


Feel into the fear of your own death

Sit with the sensation
Keep breathing
Loving God/the Tao/the Big Mystery with all your heart, soul & mind, there in the void when facing death, is the antidote to fearing the divine.

Fear Is A Constant

Because the scale of existence is so infinitely vast we cannot help but be in awe/dread/fear of it.
Fear is not  your enemy, it’s your friend.
Fear was originally the response to life-threatening danger – it kept us alive.
this energy is still running in us.

What If?

We create horror movies in our heads.
We confuse the filter with reality.
We grow scared of what we’re seeing in our heads.
We tire out our adrenal glands with our internal atmosphere of nervousness, afraid of things which don’t exist.


The force of fear with no where to go finds its expression in anxiety.
Anxiety is one of the main negative drivers of human culture.
Anxiety is manufactured fear – we’re afraid of something we’ve imagined.
Anxiety causes the release of cortisol - which is addictive – stress becomes a habit – you become afraid of life.


A self-generated state where you become so anxious about things that don’t actually exist you lose the will to live
You lose the will to partake of life’s pleasures with others, become lonely, isolated, alienated.
Downwards spiral – from weak kidney energy.

Feel The Fear

Life comprises fear – the two are inseparable – being afraid is part of being alive – fear is healthy.
We have defaulted to living in the anxiety state as our general way.
The key to being fully energised to optimise the adventure of being alive is to acknowledge, accept, embrace & then harness the real fear.

Love The Fear

If you love fear, it dissolves, it becomes pure energy - loving the sensation transmutes it.
If you can differentiate between real fear & anxiety you gain psycho-emotional distance to be able to process the anxiety transmute it back into pure chi – fuel.
If you don’t process anxiety, paranoia sets in – paranoia is anxiety thoughts imbued with misconceptions & false assumptions.

Sense of Self

In Chinese medicine – anxiety weakens kidney energy, which in turn weakens the liver leading to toxicity of mind & body, then the weakens the heart.
Heart energy governs your sense of self which is crucial for sanity.
Psycho-theraputic healing is about developing strength of self – reintegrating the split off parts so you become whole again.

Panic Attacks & OCD
If the heart loses the chi to govern the sense of self, anxiety builds up, with a tinge of paranoia, panic attacks occur.
When the heart weakens, the spleen weakens, the intellect weakens & the mind becomes obsessed trying to make order out of chaos – this causes rituals.
When the spleen weakens, the lungs weaken & you reference experience to the past – unresolved trauma - enacting rituals becomes compulsive - OCD.

Addressing Anxiety
Differentiate between real fear & anxiety.

Become aware of how anxiety operates – how it affects your body – tenseness, breathing, contraction, inhibition, protective action, inhibition, energy depletion, rigidity.
Mindfulness – noticing - the ability to observe, take note of what’s occurring, identify the sort of anxiety you’re experiencing.


Note down any /all of the major moments in childhood or adulthood that you recall, when separating from someone, or something, or somewhere was particularly painful & traumatic.
What did you do to overcome it /each, how did you navigate the pain?

The method
Scan your body & see where the fear is coagulating as energy, where are you holding it?
This is primal fear in its raw state – notice how your mind attaches it to a plausible reason to feel afraid (creates a horror movie).

Breathe with raw fear wherever it coagulates - “I’m afraid and I’m loving being alive.
Differentiate that from the horror movie / anxiety object – identify what you’re anxious about.
Observe what’s happening in your body.

Note any practical steps you could take to deal with what you’re anxious about.

Honour the reason for the anxiety.
Fear is your ally not your enemy - it’s ok to be afraid. Then say,
“Could I let go of wanting to change this?”
“Would I let go of wanting to change this?


Acknowledge that you coalesced everything as it is in your life, exactly as it right now to produce this precise feeling of fear exactly at this moment because this is what it takes to make you feel alive.
Own it rather than be a victim of it – it’s ok to be afraid.
Say “I love you” to fear.


Stop holding your breath, slow your breathing down, deepen it, relax your body, lengthen your spine, raise your breastbone, soften your heart, tip your mind into the rear brain, tip your presence into your back, relax your kidneys, breathe your fear in & out, like fuel.


Ask yourself – if your horror movie actually occurred, what would be the worst thing that could happen?
Commit to the position that, no matter what, you won’t let it crush your spirit.
Ask yourself what you actually want, as opposed to what you don’t want, see it, choose it, know it will be so.

Thanks for being here…

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