Realigned with that spirit of pure fun


Realigned with that spirit of pure fun

Talking about the significance of will, as I was in another article, and benefits of developing and exercising it everywhere, it occurs to me to deepen the discussion here with you by looking at the precursor to will, motivation.

As in what drives you.

That swirl of unresolved conflicted existential tumult occurring at an unconscious level, experienced physically as ongoing subtle or otherwise churning in the guts, in what Sigmund Freud, sadly all too often maligned, misquoted and misunderstood progenitor of modern psychology, described as the id, is where the animal drive seeks expression and runs into conflict with the dictates of the conscience, itself comprised of a set of ethics cobbled together from early childhood onwards, bits gleaned from here and there, and though ascribed a lofty-goodly/godly basis, is in fact predicated mostly if not totally on fear of the consequences for acting out various urges.

The animal wants to eat a sugary cream cake, the conscience knows it’s ‘bad’, because enough people have pointed it out over the years, and is in any case afraid of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, getting fat, and all the rest. If the urge is strong an internal debate ensues in the forebrain between conscience and animal. I put them in that order because the conscience tends to assume the superior position in the debate. If during the debate, the animal is insistent enough and the conscience can find a way to justify acting out – ‘oh, every once in a while it’s not so bad, and a bit of enjoyment is healing anyway,’ etc., a sugary cream cake will be eaten.

Perpetrating that lie, incidentally, is what Freud called erecting an ego-defense – a way of defending your version of ‘I’ to yourself with a lie.

But if you deny the animal, the animal will walk away resentful and attack when least expected and you find yourself eating 4 sugary cream cakes in succession at 4am or get into a fight, or get drunk or sleep with someone you weren’t meant to and so on.

It’s not so much that the beast needs to be fed, but that it needs to be acknowledged and honored, because behind all the act, all the civilized behavior and thought, that beast is actually who you are – you magnificent beast you.

Once honored your inner beast will sabotage less and cooperate more in the main event, which is you having the ride of your life here while you’re on the planet.

Now this beast is actually your primal or in fact primordial or original self, that miracle of consciousness and life-force that took root in the womb and implausibly grew into this phenomenon now wandering along the Great Thoroughfare with your name tag on.

It’s the embryo that became a newborn over whom everyone fussed and cooed.

It’s your true nature.

Now what motivates your true nature?

Because once you have clarity on that, your intention is instantly focused and exercising the will to manifest the desired outcome like a walk in the park – it’s easy-peasy.

And to save you wracking your brains allow me to shortcut the process for you by suggesting what motivates your true nature is a pure, innocent, childlike desire for everything to be the utmost fun, not just for yourself but for everyone, and not because you’re trying to be a good person in your prayers so that God, the man in the sky won’t think unfavorably of you, or that those in your real or virtual social/social-media circles don’t reprimand or ostracize you, but because it’s just plain obvious that unless everyone around is feeling OK they’re likely to mess up the party for you.

And implicit in that motivation is the intention that life will provide all the resources and wherewithal required to support your fun-optimization enterprise.

But what your true nature’s motivation isn’t, is the drive to show off and receive the admiration or adulation of others, because though that comprises the motivation of the inner latent narcissist and is hence is wildly common drive in modern society, your true nature instinctively knows that approach to relating with others doesn’t work and merely distances and causes alienation and often resentment – your true nature instinctively knows the way to joy is through connecting not through showing off.

Now if that resonates with you, all you then have to do is push back inside into your kidneys and occupy them – yes, occupy your own kidneys, then observe the heart region way up and forwards of there and allow it to relax and open up, broaden and raise itself up to all that is beautiful.

Then with the motivation for the most fun pervading the whole of your back and the back of your brain like a fine vapor, push back even more into your kidneys and issue a fine focused stream of will from there into what you visualize as a space laid out before you, representing the future time-span in question, for the desired outcome of optimum fun to be had. Again, optimum fun had, implies having all the logistics work out fine, otherwise it isn’t fun, it’s a mess. Point is that once realigned with that spirit of pure fun, it grants you the requisite perspective to endure through the tough moments. Because even in pursuit of fun there are necessarily challenges – it’s the yin-yang.

Work with that, play with it even, and watch how it tidies up and streamlines your moment-by-moment manifesting skills.

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