Welcome to School for Warriors 2

It’s with great warmth and excitement that I welcome you to School For Warriors 2.

Warmth because I’m so happy to be sharing this system and information with you and have great respect for you for partaking: the warmth of one warrior greeting another on the path. And excitement because it’s taken over 40 years of training and 13 years of working with the internet to be able to present the material like this and it’s wonderful to witness and be part of its realization.

The practice of Taoism, its more arcane aspects aside, essentially hinges around two main pillars: the establishment of an unassailably centred, balanced, adaptable, resilient and empowered state, and the development of chi.

You can’t start effectively developing chi until you have your internal power base set up. But now you are able to begin the exhilarating process of accessing, developing, harnessing and focusing chi.

Chi is psychoactive energy or vitality. By a combination of mental focus, breath and attuning to the intrinsic inner flow, you’ll be learning to activate chi.

Chi is the elixir of life. For thousands of years it was kept a close secret, only escaping the orient over the last 100 years or so. Demystifying and understanding the method has been the challenge of practitioners in the West ever since. The understanding gleaned by your writer over more than 40 years assiduous training, as presented here is about as clear and demystified an exposition as you’ll get, in easily comprehensible and usable form.

As you feel the chi building up, you’ll notice a concomitant increase of wellbeing, health, mental focus and clarity, physical, psychological and emotional confidence, dexterity at manifesting things, joyfulness, light-heartedness and depth of experience from moment to moment.

To say it will transform your life, a phrase bandied about so liberally these days it’s almost devalued, though used here in all its intended value and glory, is to understate it.

Though I’m not wishing to ‘sell’ you the idea or convince you, merely to encourage you, as you’ll be able to verity the above for yourself as the 39 steps of the training unfold.

In School For Warriors 1, you learned the principles of personal power and I know from all the amazing feedback, that this has already produced a great payoff. It has set you up with the requisite internal power base. I advise revisiting and reviewing the lessons frequently to refresh the effect.

Now, in School For Warriors 2, you get the second, relatively much huger payoff: the chi.

If you’re already a chi practitioner this will boost your practice exponentially. If you’ve never interacted with chi before, this will be one of the most wonderful explorations of your life.

School For Warriors 3 will constitute the advanced stage and 4, the super-advanced but these are so far up the esoteric scale, let’s leave them hovering above the atmosphere for now and attend to the joys at hand.

As far as I can tell, as a keen observer of ontological reality and the human evolutionary process it facilitates, attaining your internal (hence, by extension and reflection, external) power base and then going on to access, develop, harness and focus chi, are the two major keys to your future evolution and that of humanity.

Once you have these two aspects in place, everything else follows naturally.

Which somehow leads me to the natural point at which to say ta ta for now and allow the videos to do the rest.

I’m really excited you’re here

Love, BD

Section 1 The energy field

Congratulations for opening the door. It was always here, waiting for you to arrive at this time and open it.

And it was always going to open at this time.

The ancestors have been waiting (you might say).

Entering into the ‘world of chi’, this divine realm normally beyond human ken, you start getting a glimmer of how you’ve actually been here all the time, but were simply too entranced by the world of the ten thousand things and its myriad details, desires, dreams and delusions, to notice.

So activating the chi could more accurately be described as deactivating the trance of the everyday world. Once deactivated, all there is, is chi.

Modern science has just recently posited that this entire universe is nothing but energy (chi).

But this is nothing new.

The ancient Taoists posited the same millennia back.

When you remember who you really are – the result of having taken yourself through SFW1 – the chi is instantly flowing.

What we’re doing here is shining the light of cognizance on what’s actually happening beneath the trance state.

By applying awareness to it, you activate it and in so doing, instantly deactivate the trance. This is stating it from the other way round.

But lest this becomes too heady, let’s just settle on the notion that what you’re doing is simultaneously activating your chi and deactivating the trance, which would otherwise have you continuing to believe chi is something extraordinary.

Chi is ordinary – it’s the intrinsic core of the natural order in fact, so supremely ordinary.

But this doesn’t mean it’s dull or commonplace. To the contrary, there is nothing more exciting or uncommon than palpably feeling the driving force of existence itself moving through your body and your life.

I want to convey through all this that it’s not a matter of exerting faith. It’s merely a matter of being willing to suspend the level of thought engendered by the trance of the everyday and do the exercises, which in turn will ignite the activation-deactivation process.

And just to clarify, when I talk about the trance, I’m referring to a paradigm of a bygone age, comprised of traditions, conventions, moral codes, myths and an infinite multitude of lies, passed down and added to through generations, in which you’ve been indoctrinated since birth and have felt obliged to uphold to this day. This trance state induces great misery and suffering.

However, once the chi is activated, you are lifted out of the trance and all at once realize the power you have in respect of creating your reality afresh.

This in turn transforms the very warp and weft of your everyday world more to your liking without necessitating being pulled back into the trance.

Of course at first, while the activation process is still nascent, the oscillation you’ll experience, between the old trance state and the newly gained access into the transcendent realm of chi, will be fairly notable. You’ll find yourself momentarily lost in the trance again but then you’ll remember the exercise or all the exercises so far – something will remind you, it always does – and you’ll snap back into the chi.

Over the course of the training this oscillation will gradually accelerate until feeling seamless and you’ll feel as if you’re straddling the two worlds simultaneously. This straddling ability comprises a crucial attribute of the warrior self.

And all you have to do is apply yourself fully to the 39 steps, one by one, at the end of which you’ll have climbed all the way up into the transcendent realm of chi.

I appreciate you being here and am honoured, humbled and proud to be guiding you along the way like this.

With fond love and respect, BD

Setting up your energy field notes downloadable pdf

Setting up your energy field 1

Setting up your energy field 2

Setting up your energy field 3

Setting up your energy field 4

Setting up your energy field 5

Setting up your energy field 6

Setting up your energy field 7

Section 2 - accessing chi

By now you’ve probably started feeling the early surges of chi as the activation process gathers pace.

I want to reiterate that what you’re experiencing is a reawakening of what you already intrinsically know: that you are a nexus of energy, love and consciousness in the grand continuum, imbued with infinite chi and ability to use it for the good.

To which end, I exhort you to focus as often as possible during the day on visualizing and sometimes, often or all the time, feeling the microcosmic loop of chi running up the rear of the spine and down along its frontal aspect in an infinite rising and falling dance of yang and yin respectively.

Visualizing it as a solid loop of chi or light, there all the time is helpful.

This will not only intensify the core engine of the chi production in the body and spirit, it will make you physically stronger, increase immune response an lend greater emotional stability as you work, rest and play.

Many people found it difficult remembering positive events from childhood.

Waking up the chi will instigate a flood of memories and help reconnect you to your core power before you started splitting bits of yourself off in reaction to the various traumas of childhood.

This will elicit an increase in levels of joyfulness, which I strongly suggest recycling into your daily practice as this will exponentially increase its effect.

Chi-rah-rah session over – I’m glad we had this chat – and remain as ever, at your service.

With love, BD

Accessing chi 1

Accessing ch 2

Accessing chi 3

Accessing chi 4

Accessing chi 5

Accessing chi 6

Section 3 - developing chi

Because you’re dealing with something as sublime as developing chi, there’s a mistaken tendency to expect huge Hollywood effects, the instant you perform a pass. I fall prey to it myself even after nearly 45 years of chi-fullness.

For example, in the midst of a currently superhuman-style logistics challenge, I stopped for a moment and squeezed the chi a bit, expecting to produce a special effects tidal surge which would then propel me at a supersonic clip through the next mountain range of tasks.

And there was none.

What there was, was a pleasant, palpable, discreet surge, that went from my navel to my palms, up the outsides of my arms, into my sides, down the outsides of my legs, up the insides and back up into the navel.

My rational mind, immediately complained – is that it – is that the best you can do etc. But I’ve learned to override that aspect of my psyche, so instead stayed with the deeper awareness that even though no tidal surge had been discerned, I was now in fact doing rather superhumanly well managing the task-flow and was, and am, feeling damn chipper and well-energized – but in a quiet way.

And why I say this now, dear Warrior, is because I want to accent the wisdom in seeking the soft, the subtle and not the loud or full-blown. Volume and amplitude occur spontaneously when required, when life demands it.

Otherwise, it’s like playing with water – no need to splash it all about, it’s precious – instead whoosh it with gentleness and respect (another way to say 4 ounces) and you slowly generate a tidal surge.

In other words, start by expecting the smallest measure of discernible chi and let it build on its own by doing the exercises.

I’m aware it’s partially superfluous of me to mention all this as I’m saying the same thing in different ways all the time in the training, but I like to report from the front as I go along as well, in the sincere hope it augments the training, if only by knowing that I do it with you.

Essentially this all boils down to relinquishing, layer by layer, the former state of trance, wherein you deceived yourself into believing you weren’t your super-self, but just a locally referenced entity without true power/s. And in relinquishing, you regain the recall that you knew all this all the time.

It’s nothing short of a fabulous conjuring trick to dispel all previous trickery you may have unwittingly foisted upon yourself.

With love, BD

Developing chi 1

Developing chi 2

Developing chi 3

Developing chi 4

Developing chi 5

Developing chi 6

Developing chi 7

Developing chi 8

Section 4  - focus chi

It seems in each moment there’s a fundamental choice: step more into your power or step more out of it.

In the previous chapters you learned how to establish your internal power base, to create the vessel in which to contain and process the power. Now you’re learning how to actually mobilize that power. You could say that 1 is the passive aspect and 2, the active, the yin and the yang.

Yet obviously within each is another yin-yang-dynamic going on and so on and so on all the way into the subatomic level and all the way out to the furthest reaches of the cosmos.

As previously stated, this is not a process of acquiring a new set of skills, though it ostensibly appears to be, it’s a process of reawakening a primordial memory of the ‘super-self’.

The super-self – call it the higher self if you like – these are just terms however, and whatever we choose to call it we know what it means instinctually – the super-self is naturally imbued with power – it is power – the super-self expresses itself in motion through chi.

What you’ve been doing and are doing is to be what you already are but were previously entranced by the everyday too powerfully to realize till now.

Think of this training partially then as the trance remover.

The more you accept and know you are worthy, capable and able to be what/who you really are: the super-self, the more easily the information in SFW-2 is absorbed and the faster you start seeing the discreetly spectacular results.

By now you’ll have started becoming familiar with the two kinds of chi pumping devices: the xing yi style tensile strength, yang and the soft, tai chi style let-go yin.

Practice both sets often throughout the day (and night) along with the more symmetrical isometric style exercises – for though once a day is the minimum required to have the desired effect, the more often in a day you focus the super-self via these exercises, the more you expedite the result.

Not that results are the point – enjoying the process is the real reward – the results merely the confirmation.

Meantime, focus on the entire length of the spine – see the rear and the frontal aspect simultaneously and visualize the entire loop comprised of burning golden-white light, which radiates thence to every cell in your body.

Then collect the light as a sphere behind the navel, breathe slowly for three breaths, feeling the breath fan the light brighter. Then visualize someone who needs it and project a smaller version of the sphere up into the chest, extend your right hand in front as if towards the person, exhale and project the sphere from your chest down the arm and out through fingertips or palm in their direction.

See it land on their crown and the light drop down into their brain and all about, till they’re glowing with golden-white light purifying and refining their existence.

Doing so sincerely will elicit a blessing of extra chi your way today.

With love and chi, BD

Focus chi 1

Focus chi 2

Focus chi 3

Focus chi 4

Focus chi 5

Focus chi 6

Focus chi 7

Focus chi 8

Focus chi 9

Focus chi 10

Focus chi 11

Focus chi 12

Focus chi 13

Focus ch 14

Focus chi 15

Focus chi 16

Focus chi 17

Focus chi 18

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Internediate break 2 pdf notes

Alchemise your chi into your spirit body

Hi and welcome to the wonderful world of Taoist alchemy.

The ancient Taoists were evidently incredible people: incredible in their capacity for understanding the mechanics of reality and in finding devices for intervening in the mechanisms to elicit positive outcomes at every level.

How they arrived at their understanding is a mystery. The conventional theory is that they got there through trial and error, which certainly must have played a part, but the underlying template or reality-formula on which all their philosophy and practice was predicated is so profoundly succinct it’s hard to imagine how it could have been arrived at merely through experimentation.

Indeed, myth has it they were privy to instruction from a superior race of extra-terrestrials who were ‘seven feet tall’, wore ‘strange clothes’, came from ‘the high places’, generally assumed to be the Pleiades about 15,000 years ago, and who knew all about the intricate and complex flows of consciousness and energy within the human body and throughout external reality, a body of knowledge they passed on to the local people, who eventually became known as Taoists.

Be that as it may, what’s been passed down to this day, via the disciplines of Taoist energy medicine (acupuncture, acupressure, herbs and so on), Taoist martial arts (tai chi, xing yi, pa kua and so on, and Taoist meditation practice is as universally applicable and efficacious then as it was now.

At the pinnacle of the practice is the alchemical transmutation of energy and consciousness into pure spirit, thereby activating your ‘immortal spirit body,’ the vehicle that will carry your essence through to the next dimension when you eventually die, thus precluding the possibility of losing yourself during the passage; and which, in a more immediate sense, carries your essence in safety and integrity during this lifetime, thus granting you all the powers of siddhis, as they’re known in yoga, of the enlightened master, including the capacity to manifest at an advanced level, along with an accentuation of all the noble human qualities, thus rendering you far more congruent with your fellows and thus able to effect benign transformation of conditions for yourself and everyone in your orbit.

This ability has never been more important for the world, and never more important for each of us as individuals, as we hurl headlong into the next phase of human destiny.

The material itself, though complex is presented in a simple way developed from four decades of personal daily practice and of teaching others. The key to success lies in first following along, making the techniques yours, and then disciplining yourself to practice the system daily.

By and by, bit by quantum bit, you exponentially grow into your super-self, the immortal spirit body. By and by, bit by quantum bit, your perspective shifts entirely, and with that, your life.

 I know of no other system that wrings transformation so profoundly or potently, both in the short term and for the duration.

I’m delighted you’ve elected to join me in this advanced stage of practice and look forward keenly to bearing witness to your unprecedented flowering.

With love, BD

Alchemise your chi into spirit body steps 1 - 4

Imagine having direct access to unlimited power, power to achieve all your goals, power to sustain through thick and thin; imagine knowing you’re fully protected at all times; imagine being directly guided by universal intelligence and wisdom to your highest good; imagine being constantly connected to your highest good, hence always in the right place at the right time; imagine being able to constantly access health and wellbeing and being able to channel that to heal others; imagine being so congruent through your natural healing influence, that you are to all intents and purposes invincible and immune; imagine being imbued with an innate understanding and hence compassion for others at all times, thus able to receive all comers as if you were the Buddha.

For these are the qualities and aspects of self you’re about to access and accentuate by learning and practicing the next four steps.

You’ve found your internal power base, you’ve mobilized your chi, now comes your reward, as you alchemize your chi into spirit, while bringing all your nobler qualities to the fore, thus making your life richer in every way than you’d ever imagined possible.

When following along, do so lightly – keep your intellect and judgmental tendencies out of the loop, let go and allow the chi to flow and the techniques to do themselves.

The rest is all explained in the films.

With love, BD

Alchemise your chi into spirit body introduction

Alchemise your chi into spirit body 1

Alchemise your chi into spirit body 2

Alchemise your chi into spirit body 3

Alchemise your chi into spirit body 4

Alchemise your chi into spirit body steps 5 - 9

Obviously it’s redundant for me to repeat what you’ll see in the videos anyway but what I want to say is that I would very much like to preclude even the faintest possibility you might momentarily feel daunted by the teaching method I’ve employed.

What happens, as you’ll have been noticing already, is that I’m using the traditional Taoist resume technique, reviewing all the preceding steps in order before moving on to the next move. This might make it seem that you have to speed up your mind to keep abreast of what I’m saying.

But don’t do that. Keep your mind calm and as slow as your very slow suggested breathing tempo (I’m just talking quite quickly at times because there’s a lot to fit in for each pass of the chi), and trust your subconscious mind, wherein lies your deeper absorption faculties, to take it all in via repetition, without you having to strain to think about it.

You can (and are well advised to), of course, re-watch each video as many times as you need so don’t create any stress about it, to the contrary, relax and let it happen. Let the moves learn you rather than vice versa.

The amazing thing is, once you get them, you realize you had them all the time – it’s just that they were in latent state and now you’ve activated them.

Because in a nutshell, that’s what you’re really doing here: activating a primordial state that’s been latent for lifetimes and so rejoining with your original core self and power – your immortal spirit body.

But words are words and only practice and experiencing it for yourself has any real, lasting value, which is precisely what lies at the core of my intention and motivation in your respect.

So I won’t take up any more of your valuable practice time and leave you, hopefully with a feeling of great encouragement and gleeful curiosity.

With love, BD

Alchemise your chi into spirit body 5

Alchemise your chi into spirit body 6

Alchemise your chi into spirit body 7

Alchemise your chi into spirit body 8

Alchemise your chi into spirit body 9

Alchemise your chi into spirit body steps 10 - 14

We're now starting part two of the grand orbit, moving into a deeper level of your circuit boards, re-stimulating your protective, directive, and connective energies, then the energies within you that attract material wealth, popularity (congruence), produce success (including full satisfaction in being alive, and freedom of expression and movement), and activate animal magnetism and generative (sexual) force.

These aspects of self are all related directly to your survival functions, as explained in the videos, and the charge you’re building now is crucial to fuel the activation of the spirit body. This is a clear example of yin and yang in action – you dive down into the most animalistic and materialistic aspects of your existence to catapult your chi into the loftiest realms of pure spirit.

It’s crucial to maintain daily practice (from now on), even though (and because) some days, maybe most days to begin with, it’ll just be you going through the motions. This is like preparing the ground for spontaneous so-called peak experiences of pure enlightenment, when the movement of chi through your circuits is tangibly felt as triggering the magic it is. On the non-peak days your subconscious is still working with the information, it’s just that your conscious is too busy to feel it clearly.

But it really is essential to keep practicing every single day now. These Taoist alchemical methods are, in themselves incredibly simple, considering the scale of what’s being achieved – the challenging bit is daily application, otherwise it simply doesn’t penetrate irreversibly, and you miss the payoff.

And even those days when it is just going through the motions, the calming and unifying affect is palpable, but I’m moved to say when you do get the more peak days, the experience is so profound and transformative it’s a little as if you’ve been abducted by aliens, internally rearranged for optimized performance and sent back to Earth a new person.

I hope this has encouraged, inspired and exhorted you to new heights/depths/breadths.

With love, BD

Alchemise your chi into spirit 10

Alchemise your chi into spirit 11

Alchemise your chi into spirit 12

Alchemise your chi into spirit 13

Alchemise your chi into spirit 14

Alchemise your chi into spirit steps 15 - 19

When Bob Dylan was going through his Hassidic phase he went to see a famous Rabbi in New York and explained he was concerned his ego was so big it was obfuscating the divine light trying to shine through. The rabbi told him not to worry about his ego, because the divine was using it as a hook to get him interested enough to perform and through his performance the world was lit up and his service done.

In other words, the narcissistic element has its role to play in drawing you towards being of service, and as you know, being of service is key to attaining and maintaining enlightenment, as egocentricity merely reinforces the opaqueness.

This week’s steps begin with what might seem at first glance as the narcissistic: developing charisma, but its your charisma that draws people and holds them in your orbit as required whenever you need to be of service by transmitting on behalf of the Tao. And the beauty of this system, is you don’t even have to know what to transmit, when to transmit it, or even why you’re transmitting it – the Tao takes care of all that for you.

In the process of this, you’ve by now built up a substantial enough charge of chi to fuel the activation of the immortal spirit body. This is the alchemical quantum jump this is all about.

The three meta-qualities of the spirit body are its unlimited power, its absolute harmony in terms of how it stands in relation to existence, and its infinite duration (its immortality), each of which is governed by the three inner ‘psychic chambers’ or ‘tan tiens’ (fields of heaven within the body): the lower chamber behind the umbilicus governs the flow of unlimited power, the middle chamber behind the breastbone governs the conduction of absolute harmony, and the upper chamber governs the eternality of the spirit. These three chambers comprise the psycho-anatomical structure of the spirit body, which is activated at this point with an exhalation as a gesture of surrendering the local self, the constructed, constricted earthly self, to the infinity of spirit.

I don’t make any melodrama about it in the film but this step is eminently worthy of a big drum roll and fanfare.

However, on the other hand, it must be seen and felt as supremely ordinary, part of the natural order of things, and this sense develops organically over time, simply by repetition of the whole sequence on a daily basis.

Some days you’re just going through the motions, maybe even most days, but every now and then, you’re rewarded with a so-called peak experience in which in this instance you can palpably feel the presence of your spirit body as a structure co-spatial with the physical yet far larger.

Over time, this presence becomes your default awareness and finding yourself momentarily held in thrall by the localized self, the exception, by which time you can be said to have attained enlightenment.

With love, BD

Alchemise your chi into spirit  15

Alchemise your chi into spirit  16

Alchemise your chi into spirit  17

Alchemise your chi into spirit  18

Alchemise your chi into spirit  19

Alchemise your chi into spirit body steps 20 - 24

So you’ve finally arrived at the final phase of the alchemical process, activating the spirit body as a vessel of service, thereby instigating a major increase in the flow of blessings in your life and the lives of those around you.

This is a delicate process and one you could almost miss altogether if in a coarse frame of mind, hence the utmost sensitivity and subtleness of mind is required now.

You’ve manifested the spirit body, or more accurately have realized its manifestation, for it was manifest a long while before you were in your physical form. The next stage is to activate its manifesting powers for you and for the world.

So, when you draw the chi up the rear channel you activate your spirit body’s manifesting power – superhuman manifesting power in other words, far more powerful than anything achievable from the individuated localized state.

This requires enhanced throughput of original, creative information and the mental clarity to process and assimilate it optimally. Finally, you have to purify yourself of all energy no longer serving the higher cause, including the very essence of everyone and everything in your life no longer in accord with your attainment of the highest good for everyone. So you graciously release that essence from your orbit, so by its own free will and for the highest good, it’s now free to leave you, making way for a blast of fresh energy including everyone and everything you now need in your orbit in order to succeed in fulfilling your greater potential now, the essence of whom and which you now draw by free will and for the highest good into your orbit.

You are now purifying and refining the entirety of existence as you breathe in and out, even (with practice) while going about your daily rounds.

In our terminology, you might call this realizing the mechanics of sainthood – the Taoists call it becoming a Golden Immortal.

Either way it raises the game to a whole new level by a major quantum jump-up and I wish you (more than words can convey) all the blessings and benefits possible from being who you really are now.

It’s an honor to be a fellow warrior with you and know that I’m always here with you.

All my love, BD

Alchemising your chi into spirit 20

Alchemising your chi into spirit 21

Alchemising your chi into spirit 22

Alchemising your chi into spirit 23

Alchemising your chi into spirit 24

Activating your immortal spirit body

Naturally activating something as exotic as an immortal spirit body is a subtle business and at first if trying to get it, somewhat diaphanous in nature – now you see it, now you don’t. Hence why just as with the preceding stages it really is vital you practice the moves with consistency.

The final stage of the alchemical process is placing the immortal spirit body in context – not for its sake but for the sake of your locally referenced everyday self, in order that you’re able to enjoy an altered perspective and take full advantage of the benefits of the spirit body and all its powers in everyday life.

This stage is focused on honoring and appreciating your own back story in all its infinite magnitude, all the myriad factors that combined to bring you to this point in time and space, along with your ancestors, from whom you derive vital force as you go along, and the more so the more you honor them, along with honoring and appreciating all the alliances struck by all the ancestors, as well as those you’ve struck yourself, together comprising your heavenly host of angels so to speak, to flank you and bring up the rear, your guardian entity to guard you as you sally forth into the arms of destiny. Learning to marshal your intentionality, and then surrender to destiny is the ultimate example of the Taoist notion of investing in loss in order to attain maximum gain.

Finally once destiny has become your friend and ally, you’ve attained to absolute unstoppability – even at the point of death you just keep rolling on.

Activating your immortal spirit body 1

Activating your immortal spirit body 2

Activating your immortal spirit body 3

Activating your immortal spirit body 4

Activating your immortal spirit body 5

Activating your immortal spirit body 6

Activating your immortal spirit body 7

Activating your immortal spirit body 8

Activating your immortal spirit body 9

Activating your immortal spirit body 10

Activating your immortal spirit body 11

Activating your immortal spirit body 12

Activating your immortal spirit body 13

Activating your immortal spirit body 14

Activating your immortal spirit body full run through

Practice this whole 14 stage protocol every day from now on. As you do it will get quicker and quicker, easier and easier, more and more tangible, and a year from now you won’t recognize yourself, so high-vibration will you be.

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