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In this training I’ll be taking you through a practical vocal drill with qigong exercises for breathing, centering, strengthening and grounding to give you your true voice and your true self.

On this page you’ll find the introduction to the training, watch that then click the links below to go through to each day’s lesson. Again, watch and listen, then follow along.

I’ll take you through:

projection skill
musicality & suppleness
tone & flexibility
cadence & tempo
resonance, muscularity & toning
The process will bring your true voice out and you’ll be astonished at how lovely it makes you feel to speak, plus you’ll enjoy the effect it has on others as it becomes an instrument of healing as well as communication.

The format is easy to follow and easy on the eye, filmed amidst the beauty of a summer forest beneath a pure blue sky – one video a day is all you have to do – it will only take a few minutes a day along with a bit of practice on your own and in just a few days you’ll have the gift – your true voice – it will change your life.

And the wonderful thing is once you know the voice drill you can practice with or without qigong – so if you’re driving and need to limber up your vocal cords for an important meeting or date, you can, or in the shower, while out walking or whenever you feel like – but when you do couple it with the qigong it exponentially accelerates the wonderful effect while making you far stronger, fitter, more grounded and more anchored to your sanity in the process.

May you benefit from Singsongo Qigongo



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