Sitting Pretty all the While



In terms of sanity-maintenance, knowing where you are is helpful if not at times vital, not even so much in the geographical sense but in the cosmological sense.

Having a sense of chronological perspective granting you awareness of the ancestral lineage that got you here lends you the sense of being in a relay race rather than running the 1,000 meters solo.

Not that I advocate racing as a mode of enjoying the adventure, in fact the slower you go the more you achieve (within reason) but knowing there is precedent is reassuring. And when you focus backwards through time and generations all the way back to the/your first early human ancestors and do so with retrospective healing intent, sending healing energy to your ancestors, the healing you give them naturally finds its way back to you via the DNA – and if the notion of transcending linear time like that to achieve it makes your mind balk, so be it. But if you remain openminded about it and don't rule it out, over time with a moment's daily reflection on it, you'll get glimpses of how it's possible.

Best is to stand in qigong pose and place your palms behind you as if pushing back into a wall behind you, or rather as if pushing back into the realm of all those (in your lineage) who've gone before. Then simply intend healing to issue forth from the center of each palm to whoever among them requires it. And now wait and allow the healed energy to come back to you.

Combined with all alliances struck by all ancestors, along with all alliances struck by you, creating a heavenly host around you, like an army of angels, this produces a phenomenon the Taoists call your guardian, which protects you as you surrender to destiny.

So now picture destiny as a presence before you and rather than default to assuming destiny is your nemesis, assume destiny is your beloved, and assume it only wants your supreme happiness.

Acknowledging destiny it rewards you by presenting itself within you as the 'Destiny Angel', the presence of destiny within you, awaiting your direction.

Best is to direct it and hence you, to the 'festival of all angels', and to do so with utmost elegance and seamlessness.

At first this may well seem on the surface a load of old mumbo jumbo, but if it resonates at all despite that, contemplate it each day for a dedicated moment or two and by and by it'll start forming a new area of gnosis for you – you'll know it – no belief or faith required.

At which point you'll be sitting pretty all the while.

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