Welcome to the Stand Strongo Qigongo training

It’s lovely you’re here. In the videos I take you through 13 standing postures held from between approximately 3 and 18 minutes while deploying a combination of alternating dynamic and passive strength, and varying depth of leg-bend to induce a variety of deepened states of meditation, with me jollying you along with instruction and encouragement so you don’t get bored or give up.

Just go at your own pace in terms of how much you bend, and how much dynamic strength you deploy and even how long you stand for though recommended you stay with the pace on that when possible for maximum effect.

Watch the introduction first then learn and experience one posture each day for 13 consecutive days (or broken if you can’t manage consecutive, but consecutive is preferable) and on the 14th day you do the whole sequence in one.

You then practice the whole sequence or sections of it – it comes in sections so is easy to chunk as you like – but running the whole sequence is preferable – once a week, or once a fortnight but once a week is preferable – and combined with QIGONGO and WAYSTRONGO QIGONGO or even just in its own but combined is preferable, you find yourself enjoying , without hyperbole, superhuman strength beyond your wildest dreams.

Of course, this is relative to the levels of human strength you’re accustomed to.

But the differential is not incremental – you won’t be just twice or three times as strong – it’s exponential – you’ll be in a different dimension of strength and I mean true core strength all the way out to the surface and beyond, and not just strength of muscle but of mental and emotional processing and in all skills relating to interacting with humanity.

Plus, it’s perfect if you can’t move but can stand, perfect for lower back problems as it allows the spine to hang and unfurl with no upward pressure on the sacral bone.

And the strengthening effect on the quadriceps muscles (front of thighs) the ‘sea of blood’ as they’re known by Taoists, is remarkable and has far-reaching benefits – motivational power is increased, circulation is increased, pressure on the heart is reduced, stamina is increased, and of course stability of mind, body, and perhaps most importantly, emotions, is naturally increased.

May you benefit from the training, BD


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