How might it change things for you, were you in possession of an official legally binding properly stamped document issued under the auspices of the law of your particular country, signed by, assuming the Tao had a hand and a pen to do it with, the Tao itself, guaranteeing without any shadow of doubt that all your needs, no matter the area of life those needs might appertain to – health, money-flow – will always, automatically, without exception, be met?

Might that preclude you worrying about the future ever again?

Myself I doubt it, because if worrying is a habit you nurse you'd just find something else to worry about instead – perhaps that the Tao might go on an extended vacation to an alternative parallel universe or get dementia and forget or whatever.

But if that were the case, assuming you were willing to entrain yourself to relinquish worrying as a default stance, and instead cultivated a habit of assuming everything would work out no matter what, and that whatever happened, however apparently initially untoward, happened in order to make everything work out, might that document change the way you see your position in this game of human life?

In fact, can you imagine the amount of unnecessary stress you'd save yourself and the amount of extra energy and stamina you'd have at your disposal as a result?

Well, based on the premise upon which all magic rests, that owing to the fact that there is no objective reality available to experience here on the material plane, only subjective reality, simply because your very presence as observer affects whichever field of experience and activity you're observing at the time, and because you in any case only see and experience anything through the filters of whatever story you're telling yourself about life and how it works, and moreover that reality, the external world (as you describe and perceive it) as you assume and hence see it, so it will be, if you do indeed assume and so see your relationship with reality one in which all your needs without exception are unquestioningly, magically met, that is precisely the way reality by reflection will perform for you and all your needs will indeed be met.

Yet contrary to the commonly subscribed to, misguided notion that you need to believe and have faith in something for it to be drawn into manifest form, this has nothing to do with belief – believing it is irrelevant and unnecessary – to the contrary the act of trying to believe it or anything else for that matter, merely interferes with the manifesting process. Believing life performs in any given way, implies the possibility of disbelieving it and hence activates self-conflict, and for magic to work, you first need to be operating as a unit, a unified force. It is merely to do with acknowledging you don't know and being willing merely to make an assumption, then watch what occurs by consequence.

But rather than debate the veracity of this – I wasn't mentioning it to provoke intellectual consideration, but by way of suggesting an experiment you might like to perform – simply try assuming it so and then suspending the belief function for say three weeks, observe what happens as a result in terms of having your needs met, in terms of everything working out, thus precluding any misguided need to further nurse that worry habit.

Obviously, we don't live in a binary either-or universe but a yin-yang one, hence in practice it's more about shifting the ratio of worry versus trust more in favour of the trust option.

And if all that's simply too many words, cut to the nub now and repeat this affirmation 6x, then forget all about it and see what transpires for you as a result:

'I'm now assuming it's officially guaranteed all my needs relating to all areas of activity and experience in my life, are without exception henceforth met by providence, and hence that everything works out from now on, no matter what – and because I'm assuming that, life reflects my assumption by performing like that for me.'