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Session 1

The basis

In this first session, we look at the very basis of what it means to be healthy what it means to heal, what it means to be diseased, or dis-eased as well as the basis of the entire SUPERHEALING TRAINING – and it will open your eyes to a new dimension.

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Session 2

The rationale

The environmental self and the ancestral or primordial self; the body as the arena in which to experience everything; the method for reaching the ancestral self, so activating healing and benefitting your own health exponentially. Includes a useful short routine of four exercises.

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Session 3

Structure of Environmental Self and Ancestral Self - the Five elements and the Immortal Spirit body

Clarifying the structure and organization of each aspect of self and the harmonious interplay and cognitively balanced dynamic between these two selves.

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Session 4

Healing the environmental self

A healing process addressed to the relatively more superficial aspect of self, the environmentally referenced self, or environmental self, and its structure: the bones, flesh, vessels, fluids, nervous system, vital organs, sense organs, sexual organs, bowels, gall bladder and bladder, and the associated aspects of mind, as well as external-life manifestations, according to the balance of the five elements, water, wood, fire, earth and metal.

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Session 5

Healing the ancestral self

Having attenuated the noise and static arising from the stress we habitually generate around the self-confected drama of being alive, we attain to the more profound layer or aspect of self, the ancestral self, the spirit body, the background presence, which is where the real process of restoration to wholeness occurs. Includes full cleansing process utilising the flashbulb blue light as a visualization aid.

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Session 6

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Bonus soundbaths

The combination, flow and inflection of the frequencies used is extremely powerful.

There are two, possibly three recommended ways to hear them.

The first way for a fast-acting and potent healing effect is to listen at maximum level through proper sturdy headphones (preferably not earpieces but if so then only good not tinny ones), via a quality old school amp and speakers system, or through a quality 'jambox' style mini-system.

Do not exceed three such listens in any 24 hour period to avoid over-stimulation – this way is recommended at least once.

The second way is to have them on at a low level on repeat through any room-based system to produce a constant soft sonic carpet – recommended all the time.

Optimal sequence for overall wellbeing and balance is AMBER>ROSE-GOLD>VIOLET, or choose the one appertaining to whichever chamber feels obviously in need of it.

Effects will show within 24 hours.


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