Welcome to Barefoot Doctor's Superself Massage

Welcome - here's how to get the best from the training
dsc_1017-compressedThere are 20+ follow-along videos to work your way through. If not pressed for time - learn one exercise a day, practice it, learn the next the following day then practice them together and so on. If keen to learn as fast as possible, work your way through at your own pace.

You have lifetime access to the training and every video is downloadable. If you are unable to practice on a particular day, simply start from where you left off/what you can remember. It's best to practice little and often.

May you benefit exponentially from the training.

With love, BD


1 eye sockets

2 face

3 forehead

4 head

5 ears

6 shoulders

7 chest rubbing

8 chest beating

9 Body beating

10 hip rubbing

11 side-rubbing

12 rib stretch

13 harmonize liver and spleen

14 whole body stroke

15 Thigh thumping

16 colon wobble

17 upper back

18 Kidney rub

19  sacrum rub

20  back rub

21 arm rubbing

22 finale

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