LEARN THE FORM with Barefoot Doctor’s Tai Chi Short Form

My definitive guide to the Yang Style Short Form. I teach you the short form in this magnificently filmed and produced training.

In depth introduction – including how to stand, and which direction to face
Five full length in-depth Tai Chi Yang Style Short Form lessons – including close ups of postures, commentary, how to link each posture, repeated slowly to help you follow and learn.

Tai Chi Short Form in full – with full explanatory commentary.

Tai Chi Short Form in silence – watch and follow.

Tai Chi Short Form – back view – making it even easier to follow the teaching.

How does it work?

 Use these videos as if you were in a live one to one class with me. I talk you through it slowly and repeat it enough times for you to get it. Then turn the video off and practice on your own – make each move your own. Learn at your own pace – repeat as often as you need to – you’ll have lifetime access to the training. The important thing is for you to take ownership of the Tai Chi (and vice versa).

Change your life with Tai Chi

There’s a you who’s more calm, creative and intuitive. A you with a sexy, healthy body. A you with all the abundance you need to live on your own terms, and give back to society. Tai Chi can help you access that you. It will change your life profoundly. If you want to feel more deeply connected to your body, to the Tao, to others; if you want perspective and purpose, learn with me. I’ve been practicing Tai Chi for 39 years and should know better by now but can truly say were it not for this practice I’d not only not be who I am today I’d probably not even be here at all. Tai Chi makes and keeps you healthy increases longevity and inner and outer peace, promotes transcendence, expands wisdom and perspective, makes you lively, nimble and agile, is better for you than alcohol or drugs but makes you just as high, and makes you grow younger the older you get.

Introductory video

Principles of Tai Chi

Benefits of practising Tai Chi

Life force

Cave of original spirit

Lesson 1 - opening the form

Lesson 2

Lesson 3

Lesson 4

Lesson 5

Full form with commentary

Full form back view

Full form in silence

End of training

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