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The best way to make decisions

With the general underlying sense of uncertainty in the air and underfoot, you’ll no doubt be noticing an apparent exponential increase of information needing processing in a hurry as your mind, caught in the glare of the exterior drama, computes the best available option from moment to moment.

In fact that part of the mind, which attempts to decide the future when the view is unclear is limited in its scope and is not the best faculty to rely on, especially if the atmosphere is tense.

This part of the mind is like the actor in the play. Far better according to the ways of the Taoist sages of antiquity, no strangers to times of crisis themselves, to clear that part of the mind altogether and instead rely on what we’d these days call your subconscious mind or your intuition, as this part of the mind is like the director of the play and so enjoys an overview the actor isn’t privy to.

The more you learn to empty the front-brain mind and let go of struggling to decide what’s best as a next step, instead trusting your subconscious mind or intuition to navigate the flow of events, for you, the more instances you'll enjoy of naturally landing on your feet.

Move your mental awareness back into the midbrain, bear witness from there and you’ll find your front-brain mind is instantly empty.

Then ask your subconscious (accessed at the midbrain) to guide you step by step to your highest possible good today.

Once you’ve done that, relax, breathe slowly, raise your breastbone in a gesture of rising up to all that’s beautiful, do everything you have to do today as excellently as possible, be as loving as you can be to yourself and others and at the end of the day look back and check how things worked out.

This also works well over the long term and provides one of the primary keys for manifesting whatever you need in the most elegant, easy, effortless and enjoyable way.

My wish: that you manifest such elegance today and tonight it clean takes your breath away.

© Stephen Russell 2017

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