The eternal candle flame

The eternal candle flame

If you're even vaguely aware of the news, albeit difficult to discern what's what amidst the huge degree of disinformation, distortion and exaggeration, you'll know levels of disquiet, dissatisfaction and fractiousness are high and rising. It's occurring societally, politically and geopolitically.

Fanned by individuals with agendas – populist and anti-populist – as has always been the case with the human herd, and augmented by the rapid communication phenomenon facilitated by the internet and everyone having a phone in their hand, it gives the impression of increasingly restless chimpanzees in a cage banging their metal food bowls on the floor.

And while the rhetoric is increasingly belligerent on all levels – the militaries of each of the three main world powers purportedly preparing for all-out war, the reality is more likely to be about putting their bargaining chips in position ready for negotiating.

For eventually it all comes down to negotiating – even if it takes a tussle to arrive at that point. Of course if all-out war were really to occur there'd be no negotiations subsequently but short of that negotiation is inevitable.

As individuals we may feel powerless in the face of such an apparently growing tide of what must be seen by anyone with half a brain as pure idiocy.

However what the news doesn't report is the fact that every day on this planet the near 8 billion of us (although the official number is 7.3 or so billion, there are many more people than the census recognizes), get along more or less fine with each other.

In other words it's actually only a relatively tiny minority of humanity engaging in the destructive aspect of the so-called conversation.

Moreover the news doesn't report on the countless acts of kindness occurring between people at any given moment, nor the countless number of initiatives and projects focused on ameliorating the human condition and the ecological position.

Gunshots, whether actual or verbal, make a loud noise, and so stand out and give the impression of dominating the status quo.

Kindness makes little or no noise. People getting along more or less fine with each other makes little or no noise.

But in fact there's far more getting along with each other fine, and acts of kindness occurring in any given moment than the opposite.

And while at times, in the face of sensationalist reporting of destructive events or rhetoric, it may seem like just so much idealistic pissing in the wind, focusing on the wise and kindly aspect of humanity's behaviour and setting an example to those around by behaving wisely and kindly, has a far greater effect than we generally recognise.

Furthermore on the metaphysical level, whence the physical or material realm arises, by willing for the wise and kindly aspect to prevail, by praying for the light to grow as the Hopis might put it, the light, the wise and kindly aspect will inevitably grow.

And natural cycles of boom-bust-peace-war notwithstanding if more and more of us focus on and celebrate the wise and kindly aspect of humanity, the more likely that aspect is to prevail.

It's a win-either-way because in the hopefully unlikely event the restless monkey syndrome burgeons too huge to stop, at least we won't have wasted precious moments freaking ourselves out and thus wasting away our lives in terror along the way.

Remember it only takes a single humble candle flame to extinguish the darkness in a large room.

The light in other words is far stronger.

I look out at the view from where I'm sequestered this morning and see pure serenity.

Let us put our vote with that.

Nothing is inevitable.

And everything is possible.

Here's to the eternal candle flame.

I trust this has encouraged and fortified you.