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The healing crisis

The healing process, as opposed to the fixing process that's the focus of allopathic medicine, is nothing less than the Tao (for want of a better word), the power fuelling the cosmos, in action inside your body. The Tao is, needless to say, a considerable force – it would have to be to keep this entire universe in motion – and is no less considerable when doing its work inside you.

The only reason you don't blow all your circuits as it passes through you is because you're so incredibly well constructed.

The Tao moves in a rolling yin-yang motif producing the hot-cold, dark-light, day-night, winter-summer, contraction-expansion, easy-difficult, pain-comfort, young-old, fresh-stale effect underscoring this material plane, this garden in which you, the beautiful flower that you are, do your growing.

So when you participate in your healing process, when you make an intervention, whether by practicing some qigong, focusing on guiding chi (energy – the Tao in motion) through specific pathways in your body, meditating-visualizing healing, using AMPED or the healing tones and sounds, acupressure, massage, or visiting an acupuncturist or practitioner of any healing modality, the Tao that then runs through you in the form of activated amplified chi, does so in the yin-yang motif.

In practical terms this means that if having been suffering from any degree of intractable condition of body-and-mind/body-or-mind, after the healing agent, the stimulus, has been introduced and hits up against the resistance of the habit-patterns in the neural pathways forged by the condition, it will initially overcome them simply by the element of surprise, but it's probable they'll fight back right after.

Which means you'll sometime/often feel worse before you feel better – your body will swing yin before it swings back yang and then finds its new homeostasis.

It'll usually last no more than 24 hours as the fresh chi courses through your system, which it does every 24 hours anyway, but maybe 48 hours and even 72 hours.

And not to be panicked by it is important as that wastes loads of that very same precious chi so is counterproductive.

Once the crisis has passed you'll be feeling better than ever is the way it tends to work.

As you probably know the Chinese character for crisis has a duel meaning: danger and opportunity.

And it tends to be up to you to choose which it will be.

Always seek to find the advantage, the blessing, in every situation, and it'll find you.

BUT this is the exception not the rule.

Most people, most of the time, in most healing situations, don't have a healing crisis.

When I ran my practice, which I gave to a friend and colleague on the millennium to devote myself to sharing all this far and wide, seeing 18 people a day for nearly 18 years, amounting to roughly over a million treatments, if there were 50 that triggered healing crises of any severity, it's a lot, just to give you a gauge.

But it's no big deal if one happens – it’s not a bad thing, it's a good thing, because it means your body is assimilating the information properly and not just pretending to, as that would only lead to a short-term effect, as opposed to true healing over the long term. It's just the yin and yang doing their inevitable dance. Ride the yang, ride the yin, and stay back, down and centered within your skin. And before you know it you'll be right as rain, ready to live, love, laugh and dance again.

You'll find proper quality trainings for the qigong, self-healing, acupressure, massage, meditation-visualization, healing sounds and AMPED mentioned here.

© Stephen Russell 2017

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