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The human condition

A fatal condition (no one gets out of here alive)


Amnesia – collective and individual – amnesia about who we are, who everyone else is, where we came from, where we are, where we're going, the purpose of being here for the time that we are.

Avoidance – avoiding being present, responsibilities, telling the truth, getting necessary things done, looking at our faults, connecting with others and self at soul level.

Confusion – confusing the so-called real world with the actual real world – the world of money, nations, laws, religions, mundane structures and infrastructures, all of which are merely stories everyone tacitly agrees to believe in.

Ontological confusion – the idea there are things or objects described using nouns is misleading – there are no things, merely processes – take any object and examine it with a powerful enough microscope and you find molecules, then atoms, all in motion – nothing is solid, fixed or permanent – all is transient.

Mythical thinking – 'every Friday I go to the shops' sounds plausible enough but where is this realm in which I go to the shops every Friday? Purely in the imagination. In reality I may have gone to the shops every Friday until now, and I may well continue going to the shops every Friday from now on, but there is nowhere in the universe I go to the shops every Friday in the present tense other than in my imagination.

Use of the mythical present tense is the device we collectively use to maintain the collective story (paradigm) – 'this is how we do it here' – in actuality means this is how we've always done it here and expect to continue doing it this way indefinitely.

Our linguistic patterns maintain the illusion.

Spatial illusion: the sky is up and the ground is down is an illusion.

This planet is a sphere and not flat, despite the protestations of the flat-earthers. Hence the two directions are in towards the center and out towards space – we can just as easily delude ourselves into seeing the ground as up and the sky as down, which if anything is more to the point – in fact the eyes see it this way but the brain flips it so it appears the ground is beneath our feet and the sky above our heads in order that we may better dominate the environment – and now look what a mess we're in.
The sun doesn't rise.

The sun doesn't set.

The sun remains in a fixed position relative to the earth. It's the earth spinning on its axis while zooming in orbit round the sun, that causes the illusion of sunrises and sunsets – as the earth spins on its axis in an easterly direction whichever bit of land we're on moves into the light of the sun's rays, and then out of it.

Both the up-down illusion and the sunrise sunset illusion result from unconsciously continuing to subscribe to the primitive and essentially childish belief the earth is flat and in the center of the universe – this demonstrates the power of belief in the collective story even and especially (and hence dangerously in terms of being susceptible to manipulation) at an unconscious level.

Delusion – misuse of the function of belief which only has power when left in the undirected state – as soon as we use it to believe in anything specific we enter the realm of conflicting opposites: belief implies the potential for disbelief – believing something as opposed to actually knowing something means jumping to conclusions before all the results of the experiment are in.

It's how religion and all the rest is able to dominate people's minds. It forms the basis for psychopathy/sociopathy

Dishonesty – to uphold the illusion created by the collective story of human life on earth requires lying to ourselves and each other (and lying to ourselves that none of us are lying, except the 'liars'). Modern communications technology exponentially thickens the web of collective lies propounded by politicians, news media, and social media. The scourge of the collective neurosis called political correctness exemplifies the does-my-bum-look-fat-in this?-no-of-course-not-darling collective lie.

Dissatisfaction – the driver of the double-edged sword of progress, the progress that makes life more convenient and uses up all our vital resources - wanting, wanting, wanting, more, more, more, no matter how much we have – till we'll get it so convenient we won't be here anymore, because there'll be no more fresh water to drink, clean land to grow food on, or air to breathe.

Distraction – (opposite of meditation) - work, love, money, people, profit, sex, lust, gratification, shopping, possessions, fashions, trends, self-absorption, self-image/narcissism, self-pity (leading to victim/blame mentality), self-obsession, obsession about people, things, experiences, addictions, drugs, drink, wall-to-wall entertainment and entire nations becoming obsessed by who baked the best cake, while all the while the ice-caps are melting and oceans are rising and rising.

Diversion – diverting attention from the backdrop reality behind all the distractions (universal transience and eventually departing from earth-plane reality/dream no matter how well tied down our assets).

Ignorance – ignoring the obvious (transience) in favor of focusing on distractions – selective awareness, blinkered thinking, blind-spots, now you see it, now you don't.

Collectively subscribing to the Cartesian either-or model – something is either good or bad, rather than realistically seeing something is inherently both good and bad, depending on when, where, and on who is looking – symptoms: 'what's your favorite movie, book, color etc?' instead of understanding one moment Mozart appeals, the next it's too busy and complex, one moment this is the best beach to be on, the next it's not – and this absurd device is inculcated in us at such an early age, it can and usually does limit us for life.

Hypnosis – showing signs of being constantly in a trance (observe the people in a morning rush-hour train carriage, or people waxing enthusiastic about so-called Royal weddings as if it really had anything to do with their own lives - hypnotized by the collective story/paradigm, hypnotized by our personal stories, hypnotized by distractions.

Varying degrees of vanity and consequent insanity – the vanity of assuming ourselves to be self-sourced discrete autonomous entities, inclining us towards referencing our experience to, and validating ourselves by external factors: relationships, possessions, social status, financial status, achievements – the vanity of assuming we're not transient, hence given to using vast amounts of energy and resources distracting ourselves from the reality of death – avoiding the reality of transience, living in a state of make-believe permanence upheld by glorifying the physical – cosmetics, cosmetic surgery, hair-color, gym-based muscle-toning, fashionable clothing and accessories, cars, houses, lifestyle trappings, status symbols, packaged experiences ('doing' India, 'doing' Peru, getting the 'festival look' and 'doing' Glastonbury, even 'doing' ayahuasca).

Obsessive greed - ruthless striving for profit even if it kills others and even if it eventually kills us – the reason for wars is always for one person or a few people to make a huge profit and never for the reasons given. The so-called case for war, along with all the king-and-country style rah-rah is always merely a justification or rationalization to cover that over.



Consistent daily meditation-style practice – sitting, standing, moving (qigong/taichi/archery etc), during which attention is focused on correctly occupying the body and brain and thus quietening and so eschewing the noise of the hypnotizing story about the world going on incessantly in our forebrains, to which we're constantly reacting viscerally by tensing the belly, contracting the adrenals compressing, the vital organs, reducing circulation and making ourselves ill and insane as a result.

Consistent daily practice of whichever technique/s work best for you to provide a regular meeting with your own soul or subconscious mind, over time enables you to remain in the state at all times, thus always managing to maintain intelligent perspective at all times.

Everything in this site for instance. To wit I respectfully refer you to all the techniques available to learn from the online trainings offered here and most crucially to A M P E D, because that does it for you (you lazy bastard), but seriously it's the boom macca kebumba brain entrainment 'device' to make you fully enlightened in a state of manifesting whatever you need and want with ease without you doing a thing aside from being willing and pressing play once a day for six weeks. (this is by no means an exhaustive list and will be added to over time – your comments re suggestions for additions always most welcome)

© Stephen Russell 2017

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