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The key to developing determination


Determination is a quality that doesn’t get so much mention these days, which is strange as it’s probably the one you need most to see you through the trickier passages of life. We talk about having courage and confidence, holding the faith and being positive but we don’t talk so much about being determined towards a goal or outcome.

Let me briefly remedy this now by giving determination the big-up.

It means literally set for a particular result or end, as in setting a direction and then committing heart, soul, mind and chi to arriving there.

Of course the mode in which you do so is itself determined by choice as well. You can either go there stridently and noisily or softly and respectfully.

Generally the latter conserves your energy better, enables you to keep more of a clear, bluster-free mind and lands you where you wish to be more emotion- and energy-efficiently.

But either way the primary thing to attend to is creating the initial determination.
Energy-wise, determination is a property of the kidney and lower abdominal area in the body – the will is developed below the navel according to the Taoist schema.

So visualise where you want to arrive at, then visualize a fine cord of brilliant flashlight blue light extending from just below your navel to the image of wherever or whatever it is you wish to arrive at. And know that nothing in the entire cosmos can effectively sever this cord unless you actively change your mind about it and even then sometimes it’s irreversible.

Then whenever you’re flagging or your spirits and faith in yourself and/or the Tao directing the whole show are low, simply retrain your focus onto the cord of blue light and an almost instant uplift will occur.

Herein lies one of the great secrets of the Taoist wu wei manifesting method.
I go into the finer details of strengthening the will in today’s Members’ Wisdom Drop.
May it serve you well, meanwhile.

Wish: you feel absolute clarity about what you’re determined to achieve today, no matter how big or small and find yourself doing so with the greatest of ease.

Love, BD

© 2003 Stephen Russell
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