The Pope’s Head Gardener


The Pope's Head Gardener

Straight in here with some proper Taoist magic for you.

Imagine if someone waved a magic wand and for, let's say, two whole weeks, there was absolutely nothing needed doing - as if an army of invisible helpers was present to even put your shoes on for you, even lift you out of the bed, or chair, even operate your jaws when you ate - so all to-do list activity ceased completely - and all you had to do was be.

And that one or two of the helpers were even operating your brain and thought processes and were doing it so you didn't miss the to-do activity in the slightest and were temporarily no longer gauging your worth or the value of any particular day by what had or hadn't been accomplished. As you do imagine it, notice how a rather different, unprecedented yet strangely familiar tone of relaxation sweeps throughout your physical arena of sensation and accompanying mental activity.

Then in so-called real life, combine this conjured state with intention for all the various outcomes you desire, or require and you've pretty much created the state of the Taoist sage, allowing the Tao, or what we'd describe as the omniscient, omnipotent subconscious, to run the show while you remain in a state of absolute repose throughout.

Now that's magic.

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