The Power to perform miracles

The Power to perform miracles

Whichever way you play it there's no ideal reality, no state you can attain to that's free of challenges, and factors that irk or test you. The impression of tropical idylls and floating about in pretty boats provided by this most pleasant view from where I'm presently blessed to be sequestered, would swiftly be put pay to by a raging hurricane or unexpected heart attack, for instance.

Yet we instinctively expect to achieve the ideal – I hear it all the time (because of what I do people speak to me a lot obviously): 'all I want is to have enough money to stop worrying about money', or 'when I crack it in my career I'll be happy', or 'I just want to retire with enough money to do whatever I want whenever I want', or 'when I meet the person who's right for me everything will be ok', and so on.

Trouble is in the material realm, the 'machinery' of which is predicated on the continual play of opposites the Taoists call the yin-yang, there must necessarily be dark for us to experience light there must be pain to experience pleasure, there must be difficulty to experience ease – for without contrast nothing is discernable, without contrast everything would feel like an endless pointless blancmange, but in fact wouldn't feel like anything at all.

So despite the instinct to seek perfection in vain, we must eventually accept imperfection. We must accept pain if we want pleasure – we must accept the yin if we want the yang.

And if we want to make the very most of the experience of being alive while we have the privilege of being able to do so, rather than waste the slightest measure of mental and emotional energy, not only must we accept the yin-yang underlying all phenomena, all events, all situations, and all scenarios, we must drop all preciousness and actively embrace it, embrace it like fearless warriors.

We must develop the innate capacity for transcending preferences for life's beauty over life's ugliness by entraining ourselves to see the mysterious ineffable presence and power behind all appearances – the Tao if you want to call it something – and by cleaving to that awareness attain to an equanimous state.

From equanimity delight arises – not the frivolous superficial delight derived from things momentarily going our way, but the profound unwavering delight of being momentarily party to the poignant thrill of existence in a transient universe.

But rather than attempt this through the philosophical intellect, which in itself eventually leads at best merely to interesting abstraction, it must be attained to through the body.

Rather than habitually using the mind to make up stories about existence in order to make sense of it, use the mind to feel the sensation of being alive.

To do this requires you shift the point from which you're bearing witness to yourself experiencing being alive from the front part of your brain and body, where you normally project the story and feel the emotions it elicits, into the back of your brain and body instead.

It makes sense: if you've got a show going on on stage in the front of you, you need to sit behind it in the audience part of he theater in order to see what's going on.

Simply move yourself into your back. Rest your mind against the back wall of the skull and push your internal weight back into your kidneys, and you're in the back.

From here you're able to observe the rise and fall of desire or aversion to this or to that without getting drawn into the story, without getting suckered by appearances.

The Tao – the force of nature – is benign and beneficent – it provides all things – but it's also ferocious and it gets messy.

Sitting in the back you're able to love it, though of course not necessarily like it, in all its guises. And when you love the Tao it loves you back.

Then when in the midst of managing the dance of the yin-yang, you insert into the mix a clear intention to enjoy and optimize each and every moment whether it's predominately full of pleasure or of pain, enjoy it in the sense of feeling the raw delight of simply being alive regardless of external conditions, the Tao rewards you by actually configuring itself into the coalescence of factors that will justify your delight – it'll make things go your way in other words.

In a nutshell, adjust your perspective to afford yourself a view of reality as opposed to the usual fiction about reality you're habitually riveted by, be willing to appreciate and love it for all its imperfection, and to feel the innate delight of simply being here, and life rewards you by making your being here a lot more comfortable, and far easier on the senses by providing the conditions that make your soul sing most sweetly.

In one sense that's all you ever really need to know in order to enjoy the most wonderful life possible so it's worth reading through a couple of times or more and it will serve you best if you actually do the inner move rather than just read it.

And feel free to pass this on to others – the more people practicing this way the better – it could even turn out to be humanity's salvation.

Meantime, my wish for you is that you all at once recall your immortal nature and the unlimited enormity of what and who you really are and with your heart filled with love for being alive, you make miracles happen in your life this weekend.