The Quest for Continuity

The Quest for Continuity

The human condition is a transient one. This is a blessing if you're not enjoying the experience at all and want out, and a curse if you're enjoying it so much you can't bear the thought of it ever coming to an end.

But come to an end it will. And no matter how deft we become at distracting ourselves from that fact, subconsciously at least we know – after all we're not stupid even when we're pretending we are.

Stupid, incidentally derives from stupor, meaning being in a trance to the extent you're unaware of whats actually going on.

And because we know, it's only natural we seek continuity as an antidote.

And because we're programmed to experience reality as something going on out there, in the front of us (mostly because all the sense organs face forwards – if they faced backwards we'd experience reality going on behind us instead), we habitually seek continuity in external phenomena. Hence the lasting power of traditions no matter how seemingly irrelevant, the lasting power of the idea of marriage however impossible to manage in real time, the lasting power of religions however inept these might be at explaining cosmology and ontology, and so on.

But we will never find anything truly continuous in the external world, other than continuous change and transformation – because both at the surface and at the molecular level everything is in motion, even the most stationary rocks and mountains (these just have a relatively much slower motion than the human eye is capable of detecting).

There is only one continuous element in this whole show, aside from the continuity of change and transformation, only one truly unchanging factor and that is the source of all elements and factors, the Tao (or however you might like referring to the ineffable presence informing all phenomena at the subatomic level).

And the Tao cannot be corralled, not even by religion, not even by tradition, not even by anything – it cannot be intellectually appropriated or even understood, let alone defined.

But it can be viscerally, palpably and undeniably experienced and appreciated – and once you know the way there, you're able to discern and be powered by true continuity.

This then divests you entirely of the need to reference your sense of equilibrium and security to any external factor and so liberates you from the essentially misleading, pointless trance of misdirected focus, which in turn makes you feel supremely clear and magnificent (as in magnified to the optimum).

The method is THE METHOD, as in the way of the Barefoot and all who sail in the pure Taoism ship – and it's all to do with using your body as the arena of experience, rather than continue dwelling in the realm of imaginary associations (beliefs).

And specifically with adjusting the way you're occupying your body.

The normal way is to occupy the front part pretty much exclusively, on account of being held so in thrall to the action you're perceiving occurring out there in front of you.

This perpetuates the headless chicken/dog-chasing-its-tail state, constantly seeking continuity where none exists, and is at the root of all human suffering. Incidentally to tie in with the Buddha's assertion that the root of all suffering lies in attachment – what he meant was attachment to externals and to the internal reaction to the externals. Psycho-physically this occurs from being stuffed into the front of you.

The Taoist way is to sit back like a racing driver leaning fully back into the seat of the racing car in order to have full command of the view of the track and of the vehicle's instruments.

Leaning back puts you back in the internal power-circuit that gets cut when you move into and remain in the front – usually around the time you start school.

That which bears witness is the original consciousness or self – the Godhead if you like.

In other words, learn by just a modicum of patient contemplative practice on a daily basis (and it must be daily or it won't work) to occupy your back instead of your front, and you transfer your set of references by which you normally identify yourself for the only actual real reference point there is: the infinite consciousness at the root of all existence.

I could waffle on about fairly intelligently for hours, but the point is made and the only way to gain the benefit by it is to try it out yourself.

Imagine (if you need a visual aid), for instance a massive industrial strength vacuum sucking fiercely on your back, pulling your inner presence backwards into your back – this includes pulling your mind into the back of your skull – and enjoy the sensation of peace it confers.

Keep the chest open in the front so your innate courage and kindness, beauty and nobility, are free to radiate as this connects you to the continuum and this prevents aloofness or alienation from no longer being caught in the realm of illusion along with the majority.

A few moments if practiced each and every day will swiftly yield an undeniable experience of true continuity, along with a vast and limitless slew of boons, too vast and limitless to enumerate without us taking all day over it. So take my word for it in this instance, practice it for yourself and perhaps report back via the comments box in a week or two to let me know how your life has changed in consequence.

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  • 05/07/2018 at 20:27

    Thank you for this. After 5 years of looking for a permanent, stable job, I got one. After weeks of interview prep, study, etc. I was in a perfect location, with great people, and the chance to learn new skills.I was doing great and then, boom, the budget was cut and so was I.Ive spent the last 2 days in bed asking “why”.It makes no sense.I suppose life doesnt really. So all this stuff regarding finances, future interviews, most of all, why me is at the forefront of my mind and its really not helping me. I try to tell myself,Im healthy, not living in a war zone, living in a democracy (a real one) and its not really helping. So I will practice this daily and get back to you : )


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