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Transforming your world through love

There really is no other more powerful alchemical agent available to you, with which to trigger quantum shifts of conditions in the external world than love.

And it’s not about being sweet or even nice. It’s not about being anything at all. It’s about softening your chest area and allowing the warmth that arises there as a result to radiate around you for the benefit of the world. However if you fancy sparking off a proper super-stonker of a quantum shift in your life, one powerful enough to totally beneficially transform the way you’re living so much you hardly recognise your life once the dust settles, try directing your love at the Tao itself.

Take a while to sit breathing directly in and out of the centre of your chest as if there was an opening there. After a few breaths, notice the pleasant sensation of energy being activated in the chest. Once it feels strong enough to make something of, visualize radiating it with such power it reaches the furthest corners of the universe and encompasses everything that is. Become aware that everything that is, comprises the one being, the Tao, the generator of all and visualize the Tao, the one being, present throughout existence, smiling with warm gratitude at you.

But don’t stop there. Keep sending it and sending it. The Tao has been working 24-7 since time began and way before that even, never for a nanosecond taking a break, never sleeping, never failing to keep existence in existence, with no partner or real friends to play with and certainly no one with a consciousness comprehensive enough to have a proper conversation with on a level that would satisfy it. Someone like that could use a bit of love, wouldn’t you say? Obviously that's allegory and faintly silly allegory at that, but you’ll notice instantly that as soon as you start showering the Tao with your love, a radical, if subtle change occurs in your feeling tone. All at once, your spirit feels lighter, stronger, more optimistic, freer of the constraints of the everyday and more emboldened to take you onto the next phase of adventure with gusto.

Yes, love that Tao for all you’re worth and before you know it, you’ll be riding higher than a flying tiger in the sky.

© Stephen Russell 2016

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