Types of trainings in general

Types of trainings

There are many types of traininings to suit different states of the human condition.

They are sub-divided on this site into categories to help you decide which training you might need, depending on how you're feeling and which aspect of the human condition you feel you could do with some extra help with, or whether you simply want general ones, such as qigong, tai chi, or learning how to meditate the Taoist way. They're all there - you can either click on the links below, or if you prefer, or want to come back later, for ease they're all also listed in the menu above

2 thoughts on “Types of trainings in general

  • 01/08/2018 at 10:00

    I am looking for further training on connection to spirit and my higher self. I am starting to have premonitions and would like help with increasing this connection

  • 06/08/2018 at 17:57

    it depends where your emphasis lies – if you’re interested to use the benefits to heal yourself or others – SUPERHEALING
    if you’re more focused on developing what the Taoists call your immortal spirit body, ie your eternal self, then School for Warriors 3
    if you want all round mind-body-spirit cohesion then QIGONGO
    but if you really want to quantum leap yourself to the next stage then definitely AMPED
    if this is helpful to you, wonderful, if not specify a bit more where your interests lie and I’ll be able to be more precise


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