Unadulterated Magic


Unadulterated Magic

Around the edges of finishing Volume Two of A M P E D, a feat I'm still processing so bear with me, I've been fairly intensively helping by a series of long phone-calls each day, among others a wonderful person caught in the throes of a relatively major, horribly painful, deeply complex love-life drama. And as she's one who grabs life by its horns and shakes it till it submits, and certainly not one known for patience, she's been desperately, and I mean desperately, trying in vain to read his mind from afar and gauge from any inkling gained a viable prognosis.

However, at this stage it is impossible to guess or make any prognosis. So my role, having first made sure she was sufficiently stable and resilient to stay in the game and not do anything stupid, has now been to induce her to retract her eager mind into the present moment, remain here and be happy doing so, including even being happy not knowing, in fact even being happy not being happy, because she can start to see how this episode will at the very least bring her limitless abundance in terms of personal growth, as unfortunately as we all know, there's nothing like being in the throes of a severe love-life drama to get you growing.

And it's naturally inspired an extra degree of cognition on my own part in respect of my own process of what Jung would have called character development.

And I'm happy to report all this Taoist shit really works (assuming you practice it as a daily discipline), because at least 99% of my focus is present-centered – or at least is at the moment.

So renewed by this realization I wish to share a brief protocol for attaining to this rarefied state of present-centered willing acquiescence to not-knowing.

Soften up, relax, drop the tension, lengthen up the whole of your spine and get your crown gently pushing up towards the sky.

Breathe more freely, more slowly, more evenly, more quietly, and feel the breath as if made of silk, as it passes in and out.

Watch how the tone of your mental processing becomes equally silken too.

Balance yourself left to right, so you're not leaning to one side or the other.

Balance yourself front to back, so rather than mostly leaning into the front, lean mostly into your back.

Feel your breastbone broaden and feel your heart's energy expand behind it.

Consider every or any future-planned event or situation, the outcome of which you might otherwise worry about, and by consequence waste time and energy trying to make a prognosis for.

Notice you're seeing it in the front of you.

And that means you're seeing it from the back of you.

Notice that in the back of you, where you sit, there is no urge to worry about it or anything, because you're feeling sufficiently buoyed up by the underlying invisible flow of events to be able to assume it'll continue buoying you up and things will work out.

Notice that you have no need to know what will happen.

Notice you're not trying to guess.

Notice you're instead able to state your intention, which will be something along the lines of,

'whatever happens it'll work to my advantage and it'll all work out supremely well, whatever that looks like.'

And notice that if you roll that intention up and squeeze it in to a small round ball of gold and violet light, and you place that ball just behind the center of your breastbone, turning slowly forwards on its axis, it leaves you with an undeniable sensation that everything is perfect exactly as it is, and right here, right now, is the perfect place and state to be.

Now that's magic.