Unadulterated purity

Unadulterated Purity

It's that time of the year people tend to focus on and lose themselves in the imaginary future with an admixture of gleeful anticipation and worried anxiety, for some, with full-blown anguish. And all mostly, among other things – the stress of excessive expenditure, or of making arrangements - about a single day, often just about a single meal, and fears and resentments about having to share a dining table for an hour or two clad in paper hats with various people, or dread of having to spend it alone or not have the meal at all.

It's obvious anyway but I've been Barefoot Doctoring a few decades and I get a similar flurry of emails and messages from around the world corroborating it, hence why I'm able to offer the observation.

But aside from and beyond the obvious, generally banal but well-meaning, mostly harmless agony aunt/uncle relatively superficial advice about how to be tolerant, how to be forgiving, how to deal with the issue of giving presents or not when you don't have the money to pay for them and so on and on, there is actually a major move you can make that'll transform not only that meal, that day into a joy come what may, but will also transform the run-up to it, not to mention the aftermath of it into a passage of continual fascination and delight.

You see this future projecting, and accompanying worry, anxiety and depression (the abject self-hatred/dismay/doubt for being left out, for example), is a relatively modern disease that started around the time of agriculture, when instead of the necessarily present-centered mode of our hunter-gatherer forebears, we were obliged to plan our lives around crop harvests that would happen in the future. That's when the lateral prefrontal lobes part of the brain – the forebrain started developing in earnest and taking over from the upper backbrain, in terms of running the show.

The forebrain is dedicated to creating stories to describe the complexity and unfathomable nature of life, societally referenced stories hinging on what we assume or imagine others will think of us. And tends to default to the negative picture. We create fear-based stories in the forebrain and then react to them by feeling fear in the belly as if the story is real, when in fact it's imaginary.

And it can be about anything, provided we dress it up with enough apparent justification and rationale – even something as ridiculous as a single meal lasting a couple of hours if that.

However, learn to situate your thinking nexus, the vantage point whence you're observing the show, in the upper regions of your back-brain, and you're using the hunter-gatherer mind. You're accessing what we call the subconscious – the far huger - omniscient in fact – consciousness going on in all of us behind the noise of the stories in the forebrain – consciousness that is totally present-centered – because the present is the only thing happening so to be elsewhere in your imagination you're depriving yourself of your true and unlimited intelligence. The unlimited intelligence of the back-brain is far more powerful than any ideas arising out of the noise in the forebrain, and can by the power of intentionality sort any and every situation, no matter how seemingly intractable, for you like magic. But only by you staying present with your mind leaning against the rear wall of your skull.

To do it simply picture your mind as a little Buddha with your face getting up out of the debating chamber in the forebrain and walking purposefully to the rear of the cranial cave, there to disport him/herself in comfort and stillness.

You'll notice the forebrain noise miraculously cease.

You'll also notice the belly is no longer as constricted from anxiety. Help that along by stopping holding your breath and letting it flow freely, evenly (in and out) and slowly, and by relaxing all your muscles a fraction more, and by allowing the internal weight to shift backwards so you're more back-weighted than front.

Finally soften your heart in the front and allow the soul-essence of what makes you uniquely beautiful to radiate generously throughout your field for the benefit of all, to keep you connected at soul level, rather than the artifice and let's-pretend level, to everyone and everything around you.

And you've cracked the seasonal blues in one.

Then all you need do is keeping doing and being it.

I wish that the excitement and enjoyment I've felt in the writing here transmits to you serves as a catalyst and/or adds to your cause in a most benign way to fuel your ride through the universe this weekend with delight and light in general.

[Repeat 6x I'm feeling the excitement and enjoyment of being alive, feeling the delight of the journey.]

And it will be so.