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Valuing the gift of other people

People come into your life to bring you a gift and vice versa. The depth of value you derive from their gift is in proportion to the depth you’re willing to receive them into your life on a soul level. And that’s down to how much you’re willing to receive yourself on a soul level.

Knowing yourself to be an immortal spirit who just happens to be passing through earth-plane reality in this current form, your body, personality and psycho-emotional set-up, your spacesuit, you are able to know others likewise.

Like this you are able to see past the local everyday disguise of everyone in your life, no matter how close or distant to the soul (individuated spirit-form) of each.

So seeing, you are able to bear witness to the Tao, the great universal connecting presence informing all phenomena including all of us. Bearing witness to the Tao, the Tao is bearing witness to you. Being born witness to, you are protected, connected and directed to your highest good at every turn.

That’s the essence and deepest value of the gift we each have for each other.

So don’t be dismayed when their destiny draws them away from you. No one and nothing is ever lost. The Tao and the universal love informing it, goes on forever and ever and is within and around you at all times.

Wish: that you know the divine in everyone you encounter today, as well as in yourself and in so knowing instantaneously instigate a powerful stream of serendipity and good fortune.

© 2003 Stephen Russell
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