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The key to manifesting anything is being of clear intention about manifesting whatever it is – whether it’s simply a pleasant afternoon or fulfilment of your life-mission. Intention has to then be acknowledged and agreed to with the totality of self brought to bear. The agreement is then transmitted to the subconscious, which makes all the relevant moves on the psycho-energetic plane to trigger the desired outcome. This is done most easily and effectively by using either repetition of various affirmations or by repetitively using visualizations that conjure up the desired scenario, or even better both.

In both instances it’s fairly imperative to eschew the whole function of belief and hence implied disbelief as though belief in the undirected state is a crucial component and driver of a balanced human condition, once directed at believing in anything, you’re merely jumping to conclusions rather than waiting till you actually know, until gnosis occurs of itself.

And once you enter the realm of believing things you’re drawn into the noisy narrative in the forebrain and the world of illusory appearances.

To contact the subconscious you must focus from the back-brain – but that’s a big essential topic for another window – soon coming.

For now go on the axiom that when you visualise an image or scenario representing the outcome you wish for – or do affirmations for – you must do it in the same way as visualizing an ostrich dancing across the ceiling – you can see it but you don’t believe it, nor do you waste time or energy debating its feasibility.

Let’s work with an example here and now instead of just talking about it.

Assuming you want to say live long, be strong, and prosper, conjure an image of your face in old age looking beautiful, healthy, strong, radiant, wise, prosperous, satisfied, fulfilled and delighted.

See it without believing, questioning or debating it – fleetingly but frequently for a day or two – and supplement it with an affirmation: ‘I live long, I’m strong and I prosper’,  repeat it six times or more.

Mind you it occurs to me that if you want to test it out try one for how you want to feel by the time you lay your head upon the pillow to sleep. Perhaps you’d like to feel satisfied, at one with the universal flow, safe, optimistic, relaxed, warm and well. Conjure an image of your face framed by the pillow looking that way. See it fleetingly and frequently – a few times an hour for an hour or two and watch how you’re feeling as you do lay your head upon the pillow to sleep.

This is not a definitive article about visualisation, just the opening of the conversation.

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