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It’s lovely you’re here – here’s how to get the best from this training

Watch the introduction video to start with. It seems obvious but I know, if I’d just bought the training I wouldn’t unless explicitly recommended, I’d go straight to the training. So assuming there are many other similar ADHD-style people, not just me, I felt it best to say watch it. It’s twenty minutes or so but passes quickly and contains information you need to know and bear in mind during the practice.

Now the practice is powerful and needs to be treated with great respect. Because though this works by relatively gently applied repetition, it is nonetheless challenging and must be approached similarly to when say going skydiving or bungee jumping for the first time.

You will also most likely feel stiff and tired, and maybe a bit unfamiliar, as if you’ve become someone else who just happens to also be you, the next day, maybe the next two days. Don’t worry about the latter – you’ll quickly settle into your new state. This will also be helped enormously by doing the regular QIGONGO practice daily, starting the very next morning after completing the entire 90 minute session. This is not just to keep your tone building but also to tell the body to keep progressing and not retract away from your new state of magnificence, which it might otherwise tend to do. Well not it but the unconscious level of mind that doesn’t know any better and works through childhood associations instead of logic.

Soak in a hot bath afterwards – seriously – do this – add salt, Epsom Salts preferably, to help draw out the toxins you’ll release. And drink water.

Same the day after that. Now back to how to use it.

Day one – watch the Session One video – it’s about 20 minutes. Get the moves in your mind. Then re-play and copy me. It’s all self-explanatory but you can always be in touch for clarification on anything you don’t get.

Day two do the same with Session Two video, and so on, till you get to Day 5, and you’ve done

Session 5. Because then you have a choice.

Day five is ten minutes so at that point you can either give yourself an hour or two then do the whole sequence through in one.

Or you can wait till Day Six and do the whole thing through then. BD

Introductory video

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5

Full run through

End of training

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