Welcome to the Xing Yi Part 1 – 5 Elements Form

I’m thrilled you’re here to learn Xing Yi. This 5 Elements Form can be used on it’s own or as part of the Xing Yi long form to improve your coordination and dexterity, boost your balance and physical sturdiness, tone your muscles and increase suppleness, increase your agility, grace and elegance, boost your chi and generate more powerful energy flow, increase your general sense of wellbeing, confidence in your body and self-worth….all of which is what lends power to your intention – so above all your intention will become increasingly well-focused & powerful & your ability to make a beeline for something & not be deterred or waylaid en route will increase a hundredfold.

Let’s get started. In the training. I take you through five forms/fists – each linked to the five elements, in this order:

Pi Chuan – chopping/cutting fist, associated with the metal element Tsuan/Zuan Chuan – drilling fist, associated with the water element Beng Chuan – crushing fist, associated with the wood element;

Pao Chuan – pounding fist, associated with the fire element, and Heng Chuan – crossing fist, associated with the earth element.

The first form – metal – is more complicated than the others, so it’s broken into three parts. There’s an introduction below and a further eight videos – the last one being a run through.

Watch the introduction then one video a day – don’t rush ahead.

I want you to practice this — it’s important.

Practice until it becomes familiar but bear in mind it takes years to become fluent. It looks really simple but its deceptive. If you can get the movement going and get it past the clunky phase into some sort of flow – that’s when you start learning.

Ten to twenty minutes a day is all you need to practice but if you don’t practice the 5 Elements there’s no way you can go on to the 12 Animals and there’s no way you can go on to the Long Form – and what’s the point, so set aside the time and you’ll soon feel the benefits. 

And the benefits are immeasurable – do your Xing Yi at the start of the day and you’re ready for whatever comes your way.

Xing Yi is one of the Taoist internal martial arts that lie at the heart of all Taoist practice – moving meditations to focus the mind within the body along optimal lines. Tai Chi teaches you how to roll this way or that, yielding to life’s pressure without being pressed upon. Pa Kua teaches you the power of circles and the ability to constantly get behind a situation hence always in command. Xing Yi teaches you to project your power towards your goal and bypass any obstacle as if passing right through it – like walking through walls. Qigong underpins them all.

Once you’ve made this Xing Yi your own, if time is a constraint for daily practice, or you’re not willing to alter your schedule to accommodate it, I recommend doing qigong every day as the basis, then one day do the Xing Yi, the next the Pa Kua, the next Tai Chi and so on.

Introductory video

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5

Video 6

Video 7

Video 8 - full run through and closing

End of training

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