Welcome to Barefoot Doctor’s Xing Yi Power and Intention Training Part 2 – The 12 Animals Forms

It’s lovely you’re here for part 2 of this Power and Intention Training.

The Taoist approach to life is to trust the great flow, the Tao, to deliver you to safety and soundness at all times. And to acquiesce to whatever happens as an expression of the Tao loving you, somehow assuming everything is working to your advantage, even if you can’t yet see how.

But it also fundamentally requires intention – the intention for everything to work out and for it all to turn to your advantage and of course the power to roll with whatever happens and stay in one piece.

Over the course of the next 12 days as you learn the twelve animals forms, you’ll begin to develop the fighting advantage of each animal, becoming imbued with the spirit of that animal in a totemic way – which is incredibly helpful when you need a bit of extra push in a situation.

You’ll also find the levels of grace and agility afforded you by learning these forms is remarkable, and the uplift of internal power (chi), combined with the intensification of intentionality (yi), causes an exponential increase of momentum (shi) in all your affairs, the benefits of which cannot be overstated.

But there’s something extra which can’t be put in words, a synergy arising from practice that amounts to far more than the sum of the twelve animal forms themselves, which only practice can reveal.

The Xing Yi 12 Animals Form won’t take you long to learn – but you do need to learn the 5 Elements Form first. If you’ve done that and you’re ready, just watch each day’s short video explaining and demonstrating each of the forms.

Watch one video a day – then, once you can make the movements without following the video, set aside approximately ten, maybe twenty minutes to practice and make it your own.

Practice is key, particularly if you’re intending to progress to the long form.

May you benefit from the training. BD

Form 1 The dragon

Form 2 The tiger

Form 3 The monkey

Form 4 The horse

Form 5 The rooster

Form 6 The dove

Form 7 The turtle

Form 8 The  swallow

Form 9 The snake

Form 10 The hawk

Form 11 The bear

Form 12 The eagle

The long form

End of training

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