Your highest benefit

Your highest benefit

Imagine having a mind so smooth in its thought processing, so still and unruffled, it feels like a still lake on a beautiful sunny day.

Sure you have all the fish and what-have-you swimming about under the surface – all the thoughts working their way through your processing filters – but you're doing it all so smoothly the resulting sensation is one of pure stillness.

Imagine approaching every situation, every event, every challenge, every person, like that – not making waves and whatever/whoever you're approaching unable to make waves for you because you're so steady – never needing to field more than gentle ripples upon your surface. Imagine being able to field the enormity of life like that – all the time. It's completely possible, you know.

I do it myself and believe me it wasn't always so – it's all through the Taoist training and if it can work that well on a Taoist hothead like me it can truly work on anyone.

However, the training means training, and it means every day pretty much without fail for the duration.

And there aren't many people bothered enough about the sublime benefits to put the time in.

Of course, if you want to, there's an entire pleroma of online trainings here to help you do it.

But if you don't, or if you do but haven't the time or sufficient motivation or discipline, despair not.

Because you see, that's the very reason I've spent so much time and care producing A M P E D Volumes One and Two (Two is released October 25th) – you don't need the discipline and you don't even need the time – you just listen or listen and watch, for an hour each day – six episodes in each volume, one episode a week, and by the end of the first six weeks your brain is entrained to manifest everything you need with no effort whatsoever, and by the end of the second six weeks you have the power of the Taoist magician to take your manifesting skills to the next level.

You can do it while you travel to work or wherever, you can even do it while you sleep.

And it works – see the reviews below for Volume Two for example.

A M P E D does it for you and it really does – this isn't marketing bullshit – I speak the truth.

In an ideal world you'd do Volume One, then Volume Two, but Volume Two works brilliantly as a standalone event anyway.

A M P E D is the most advanced brain entrainment system on the planet and is also beautiful fun to do.

Meantime visualize the inside of your skull as if you're seeing a beautiful lake on a bright sunny day and allow the waters of your mind to settle into a state of pure smoothness.

Wait two seconds and you'll feel a wonderful stillness descend on you.

Do that a lot and you'll feel it a lot.

Alternatively drive yourself nuts with racing thoughts.

But I suspect once you get the lake you'll not want to trade it in – likewise with A M P E D.

Reviews of AMPED Volume 2

May this interaction be to your highest benefit.

“I thought AMPED Vol 1 couldn't be topped and would be the Doc's pièce de résistance - oh how wrong could I be...?!

Enter stage left, AMPED Vol 2.

The excellent original music is evidenced throughout all 6 sessions and Barefoot expertly guides your subconscious on a healing and transformational journey.

This journey has you "arriving in your body" and embodying the Taoist Principles of healing and manifesting your life's purpose.

I call this 'grounding the soul energy into the body' and it's powerful stuff!

There are opportunities aplenty to heal any ailments which are bothering you, as the Doc takes you deeper and deeper and into a healing space where the magic can happen.

In short, this/these AMPED program(s) raises your vibration and this is where the magic of your life begins to happen!

Opportunities seem to land on your lap, you reach out to others for help, or for a venture and they accept.

This has been my experience of AMPED Vol 2 and I've now been listening to both Volumes since early April on a daily basis.

One track per day is my treat and my life continues to transform and any worries seem to dissolve. When I look back to pre April, before my AMPED journey began, I can honestly say I've grown exponentially in many areas of my life:

- my relationships have deepened and are far more loving, not least the one I have with myself.

- I'm speaking my truth more and from a loving stance.

- my service work is opening right out and increased opportunities to serve, which makes my heart sing!

- I no longer worry about money and when challenges present which challenge this, I simply believe that it'll all work out and it always does.

- I have a twinkle in my eyes these days and know at the deepest level that anything is possible for me.

- the struggles I used to face just seem to have gone now and this is priceless to me!

I can't recommend this program highly enough! It works!

- Barefoot Doctor is on FIRE and I'm delighted I decided to take this AMPED journey with him. THANK YOU!“

Danny Greene

“I have just started the sixth and final week of AMPED 2, and I’m going to attempt to review how it has been when I hardly know where to start but I’ll try my best because it is too beautiful not to share with everyone.

This training, or is it a meditation? is so easy to do. I work and look after two children, so free time is a challenge but I did manage to listen to each track as prescribed, once daily for 7 days then on to the next one, sometimes quietly as a meditation but more often while doing something else like laundry or cooking or walking the dog. It works regardless.

The music is wonderful by itself and the affirmations spoken by Barefoot Doctor lift your heart and sometimes just made me laugh like a little kid. By the end of every week I felt like my frequencies had been adjusted to a new, higher level with far more clarity and less interference, and i still don’t completely know how.

That said, be ready for it- I’ve experienced all the emotions at some point in the previous weeks.

Typically at some point on the first three listens of the new week I’d be moved to tears, or feel anger rising, or some vague discomfort which I assume to be old patterns or beliefs finally letting go. But whatever feelings arose there was always a background reassurance - everything is just fine, it’s all working out - and so I never felt overwhelmed.

When I began Amped 2 I was in the wake of a big life change that left me with many anxieties and practical worries. I experienced change and loss in friendships, wealth, security, love and confidence. I thought it would take me a year or more to recover. However, the most wonderful little miracles and synchronicities are already appearing - unexpected peaceful resolutions and helpful people out of nowhere. I’ve had courage and opportunity to do things I didn’t imagine I could even two months ago. And I genuinely feel like this is only the start.”

Claudia B